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harry/ginny; photoshop.

commission for mags. please don't use without permission.
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(Points if you get that reference.)
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Beautiful artwork ^_^
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"Is that your wand, Harry, or are you just happy to see me?"
I guess they ain't gonna repair this effing bike any time soon Wink/Razz 
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well there we have it, I'm lost in this world once again while trying to concentrate on physics!! ;P and I actually like pyhisics
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Oh god... This is again so beautiful... :D
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Although I'm not a fan of this pairing, the picture is to die for! So, I shall favorite it anyway.
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How can you not LOVE harryxginny!!! THEIR PERFECT TOGETHER
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Lol, a lot of people love them together, I just don't. I have nothing against the pairing or fans of it, it's just not one that I favor.
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Gorgeous! best H&G pic EVER!!!
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Ginny's hair is amazing!!! Often when people draw her they have her hair in immaculate ringlets or something ridiculous, but this is an exception. Great job!!!
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Aww, this is really intimate, and sweet. Lovely piece.
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I love the colors and the hair and the clothes and the pose and the motorbike. Brilliant!
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How did I miss this one? I love all of the details, especially their hair and the creases in their clothes. This drawing shows their love, without getting sappy. Lovely!
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where are you commissions at
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can i submit this in my group Dont-Go-Harry ?
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