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When I Stop Breathing


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Beautiful. I really like how the portrait blends with the chaotic/strong background and starts to stand out from it with facial features and structured lighting and shading. The look and pose are captivating and I love that. Great work.

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this reminds me a bit of the expanse. julie mao.

Absolutely stunning

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What did you use to make this... MASTERPIECE?!!🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍

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Photoshop :3!

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5 Gold Stars 😍

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it's amazing, what we can do :)

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being able to channel your imagination like this is attractive

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Amazing job on this! :D It looks so imaginative!~

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This is so good !! I'm honestly lost for words lmao

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How to do this...please tell me thanks

Wonderful work! How long did it take you to finish and what inspired you to create this art piece?

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Is this based on The Shattered Earth?

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No! I have no idea what that is!! lol

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Well, if you like fantasy or science fiction, you should 100% read them. They are considered the best fantasy novels of the last 20 years, and I asked because they feature a creature called a stone eater which resembles this image.

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