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Hobbyist writer and graphic artist. For more pictures and writings, please see my blog ( I have also created an account at

I finished the story "The Factory" (and uploaded it in PDF format on Most of the ilustrations were already posted here, but now the text is there too. This is a follow-up to "The Return of the Paramour" and some parts in
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The real reason I put a LED in a capsule-shaped gag (see is that I wanted to experiment with the voice detection circuit. The gag in my stories, the "voilette" supposedly has such a circuit. It was described with a little bit of detail in the mock patent, see Now, would it really work? The half-ball of the gag unscrews, giving access to 2 AAA-batteries and a small circuit board. The circuit has to MEMS microphones, one at each end, and a microcontroller. The microcontroller right now samples both microphones 10 times per second and dumps the results. I put the results of a short test in a graph, which is at the top of this journal. In the test, I had background music at roughly 65 dB and the moans I made were also roughly 65 db when measured at approximately 30 cm. As is apparent, the ambient sound is
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A few years ago, I wrote on my blog about the functions of a gag. In summary, a gag must: 1) disable communication 2) enforce silence 3) disable the use of teeth (to bite, or to grab or handle objects) 4) be safe (also for wearing for long periods) and comfortable 5) void attempts by the wearer to remove it 6) mark the wearer as a submissive in an erotic context (Note that this is my list, other people may have different preferences.) I also noted that the standard ball gag isn't very good at most of these goals (it performs abominably on the first two points), but it shines on the last one. Girls with a ball gag between their teeth look so sexy. I dare to claim that this is the primary reason for the continuous popularity of the ball gag. So I set out to do some experiments on improvements to the basic ball gag design, without loosing its appeal. Not because I want to make gags, but because the research is fun. Here I present a ball gag with a shape like a short tube with
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Love your stuff. The permanent/semi permanent arm bindings I love (that's my favorite element), and your art is very appealing and seems to only get better. I for one am a big fan of the noncon elements (implied or otherwise) in the paramour universe, for what it's worth (mentioning that because I saw a comment of someone complaining about the noncon. Tss! That's the best part!).

One of the subplots in The Return of the Paramour is that chapter 1 says that roleplayers play the scenarios shown in videos by Xeno Erotica Studio's main actress Kayla. Then, in the final two chapters we learn that for Kayla it isn't play; it is her reality.

That is actually the point of the story. When roleplaying, you pretend that it is real. You don't want to pretend that you are fantasizing. I wanted my story to be "the fantasy". I did not want it to be about people fantasizing.

As I see it, the dark part of my story is that it is told from the viewpoint of the perpetrators, and at no point there is a critical note of it being morally reprehensible. I can well understand that people have trouble with that. It is indeed a dark fantasy.

The follow-up (one more picture to go...) will be more of the same. You won't catch me writing about consensual bondage. There is no fun in that.

Your work has a very interesting look and tone to it. Quite unique. I like!
I have been thinking a Lot whether I should be permanently gagged or not, what would be the best way to do it?
In reality, I think it cannot be done without consequences. Surgically removing the voice cords would leave you voice-less, but it cannot be undone or repaired, ever. All gags keep your jaws in a fixed position, either with your mouth wide open, or your jaws clamped together. But you have strong muscles in your jaws and normally, muscles should contract/relax once every while. Maybe the most comfortable gag for (semi-)permanent wear is a gwendoline hood.
RS-Gwen-Hood-Movie.0052-00-01-44-2-450x675 by UkkieStamper  
However, if you wear that every day, expect your hair to go thinner and thinner after six months.

At last something different, good style, good art