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In early 2010, approached me to help create art for an XCOM tribute project they had brewing. One does not say no to any of that.
Although I turned down the offer to do the sequential art given other commitments at the time, I settled on the concept art phase, which proved to be a delightful experience.
The greatest challenge was to re-imagine the original pixel art into a more tangible form, adding my own preferences for functionality while attempting to honour the aesthetic read of the originals.

5 years on, Olav and Pedro, the crazy geniuses who hired me, have come through with that vision- a multi-media comic with a gorgeous presentation:!/
Your passion inspires me..!

XCOM trademarks, copyrights, and characters are the property of, and used with the permission of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
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Whoaaa! Looks like something out of Metal Gear ^_^

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just as intimidating as it felt back in the day
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could i put a custom A.I. into it? that would be so cool to have as a friend..... I drool over the thought of it.
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Just awesome. Love the menacing glow in its "eye".
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Maan, it's fantastic! Sharo Sparkleeye Icon 
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It's brilliant, I think the sectopod is terrifying and formidable, you lot did a brilliant job with the comic.
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Looks like the giant robots from Wolfenstein. Purely because of the big red eye, though.…
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Truly you do the original Sectopod justice~
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love the XCOM series :) beautiful work on this one. Dont believe I got very far on Terror from the Deep but did finish the original XCOM one (enemy unknown)....
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