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Titans: Starfockers

4 hours or so, PSCS2, airbrush no ref

RE-EDIT and minor rant: It may not be obvious to some, but whats happening is a planet-wide invasion by Earth, to open a galactic can of whoopass on an alien menace that has been trampling on our home turf for too long. :) We are winning so far in the pic. <_<

Also, yes yes.. homage to super robot culture and for those whose knowledge with this side of the entertainment spectrum is limited to just-Eva... then.. what-eva :D

Cold jokes aside, if you haven't seen bleeding, violent erupting mega- monsters aside from Evangelion, then you ought to. Because its everywhere, and its a shame to connect so much imagery with a single...pop icon... when there have been so many before it, and so many it has based its own ideas off from. I love Eva too, but please... be reasonable! :no: Love the giant robo and open yourself to the references that predate and inspired the movement in the first place :) I know I'm trying all the time!

Some references to these themes that I've come across that pre-date Eva as some have already noted:

AKIRA[no introduction required as to which scene and setups],

Shin Getter Robo[recently, someone showed me a series, i believe it was this, and not the OVA or original run],

FASAs Battletech/Mechwarrior series

Zoids(now i know some are hardcore fans, but i distinctly remember one promo image that lined the inside of my old transformers comics that made me wanna get my first Zoid [it was a small cheetah low grade model with the cute gold pilot and all]... was this narrated pinup of a blue gorilla and a red something-megabot, tearing out chunks of each others bellys, spraying black, viscous fluid everywhere and lining the ground with what seemed like rib-caging and all sorts of goodies. Maybe some remember it surely!?! It was quite graphic, in the layout sense, 2d feeling, one point perspec. There was some prose by the side, "...a million robots can dance in its shadow, and thousands can feast on its back.." etc.. really wicked stuff. Needless to say, when i got my zoids windup model at age 10, I went looking in the kitbox for the black blood. None there.


Appleseed[not the cg remake],

Armoured Trooper Votoms [insp:dream pod 9 and heavy gear later], Guyver[m-m-monsterr killll!!ULTRA KILLLLLL~!eyes being lasered out, livers being punctured with drills, spines snapped and faces torn out.. :omg:].

The Transformers all have their share of mega-scale wanton destruction and detailed violence that has either some form of liquid-state material or organs and components being ripped, torn or random people getting splattered... My most memorable image was from an old issue of a Transformers comic where Galvatron gets into a tussle with these 3 groupiebots, Hook, Line and Sinker. It gets kinda SM after that, and I got extremely shaken up reading that issue and arriving at its chilling full-page conclusion. When they were done with him, it looked as though Galvatron belonged in Braveheart's final scene, gaping maw, rolled-back eyes and all, the Matrix bathing him in his moment of soundless torment with its eerie glow.

(Apparently, even Evangelion shows large influences from Yoshiyuki Tomino's Space Runaway Ideon as informed by many discussion groups. I must definetely watch that sometime!! They say the final scene[Eva:DaR] pays exclusive homage to it[SRI].)

Not too sure about Himen Brain Powered and Five Star Stories (which i have watched but don't recall much action? :slow:)

Well, that was fairly exhausting, but I do hope that those who have been inflicted with Eva-overlove can also shed their love on other properties as well. It is, after all, inspiration that drives us all...cheers ;)

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A further exploration of my Titans universe.. Read up some history here: [link]

They didn't want to go home.
So we went to theirs.
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This is EPIC!!!! :nod:  
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Love you mentioning other robot series. Every time someone sees a giant robot fighting a giant monsters are quick to refer to EVA which makes me sad that they haven't exposed themselves to the other great and awesome mecha series. Also so you forgot to mention Gundam.
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So... a reboot of Evangelion?
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is he punching it or ...? 
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That awesome moment when DeviantArt predicts "Pacific Rim".
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Sheer awesomeness, and it definitely has an Evangelion vibe to it. Love your work. Keep at it. ;^]
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this is so amazing! i can almost feel the ground shaking
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4 hours??????? I love you man!!(not in gay way xDD)
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sure thing :) cheers
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Your right there are tons of big robot shows but lets be honest, Evangelion did it the best. Except for maybe that horrid intellectual ending of the original run which I passed out on. Don;t get me wrong I like a little brain food but i wanted to see God fall from the heavens to battle the EVAs because that's what it was leading up to. A battle of epic proportions not hey you've been dreaming this whole time Tyler Durdin.

Lve your illustration btw.... Fave!
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Thanks kindly, and for sharing your thoughts!

Shame about the WETA version being canned eh? :)
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Yeah but Guillermo Del Toro is doing a giant robot film and I hear it looks awesome. If anyone can pull it off its him.
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Saw a physical display with some props at NYCC and it looked good!
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Awesome I wanted to go to the legendary panel but I didn't get much time to leave artist alley. I did see the aliens exhibit. which was cool.
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ahaha! I think everyone at least stopped for a second to check the powerloader out :D I never got to go to the panels at all, like you was stuck in artist alley for the most part or running off to get food or meets!
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Wish I would've seen your booth. Would have loved to grab a print. Maybe next time. You going to c2e2 by any chance?
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Hi! No I won't be attending...
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kill it kill it
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to me this piece is really powerful, it express REALLY WELL the fury and the rage of the human against that beast...sorry im not too good in english but i want to tell you this is my favorite deviant art overall. I think its amazing, i like every of your artworks but this its just special !
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