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The Rawbat Hunter: A Truly Short Story

Found an old fun image lying in the drive, was doing some WW-robo related projects at the time and remembered being really inspired by Ashley Wood's take on the genre :)
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Amazingly awesome. 
alahjii's avatar
feels nostalgic...dunno why.
regardless, good work!
Love this image! Could you make it available as a print?
JoBeeOne's avatar
Shhh! He's hunting rawbats!
richarddoble's avatar
right click save!
amirzand's avatar
right into my fav mate , thumbs up
Tedimus's avatar
Could see the AW drive right away, however there's little things that really make this feel different and that's a good thing :)
TheUnEmpire's avatar
Tiems it is, to go hanting foua Rawbats.
Niji-No-Kuroi-Bara's avatar
Great sense of colours, composition and design, as always :star: Not to mention the title and under-title for the image is absolutely brilliant! Made me laugh quite a bit until it ended in a huge grin that made my roomies question what I was watching. You're a master of action, but now we can also see you have a great sense of humour too :D
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do you remember the name of the typographie ?
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Rawbat, that's cute heh
CarlHolden's avatar
oooo nice font and colours
LaCabezaDelCastor's avatar
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nice, was thinking there was a nod to Mr Wood there - just as scrolled down to see it mentioned in comment!
RonTheTurtleman's avatar
It's Rawbat season, and I'm hunting rawbats, so be vewy, vewy quiet!
plugz's avatar
I was gonna say thats a great lookin popbot there. Good stuff all around.
changingcactus's avatar
hot damn this looks amazing
jlta's avatar
you never stop to amaze me with your concepts and design. really wild and clever. also very inspiring :'D 
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Way too awesome.
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