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The Colour Of Thunder

By ukitakumuki
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a update on my first posted rough, [link]

Freshly deployed Ultramarines. The company banner got uh.. stuck in the thunderhawk's access ramp >_>

I hope you all enjoy it :) Warhammer 40k is one of those things that grabbed me as a kid, and never let go! Too bad my wallet is too shallow to fully enjoy this brilliantly creative hobby T_T

All content copyright Games Workshop.

PS: more GW stuff to come! :D
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Nice, oldschool armor and bolters.
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ukitakumukiProfessional Digital Artist
the best kind!
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thats amazing!!!!!!
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ShadowShogun50Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the lighting in this one
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Ultramarines RULE!!!!!!
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raypettit74Hobbyist Photographer
Loving it! Great detail!
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raypettit74Hobbyist Photographer
Loving it! Great details!
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thevampiredioProfessional Digital Artist
this is another brilliant piece dude!:D
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Amazing one !
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Crimson-Knight-TorgHobbyist General Artist
Very nicely done! The action is great!
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As wonderful a job as you did with the Space Marines in the foreground, I think my favorite aspect of the painting is that missile explosion in the upper-right, mainly because it's rendered in such a detailed manner; the way the missile's trail is clearly visible, adding a sort of story to where the blast originated from, and conversely, the way the building is in the midst of crumbling and being split apart, suggesting what's about to happen.
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ukitakumukiProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks so much! You know what? That also happens to be my favourite aspect of the image as well. Painting physical effects has always been a favourite of mine for numerous reasons; and I often lose myself in those wonderful areas in the image, trying to capture a sense of story, as you rightly put, in that frozen moment. Funny how we find story in things normally taken for granted :)
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AWESOME!!! :iconeeeeeplz:
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There is so little WH40K artwork of this caliber out there. Excellent.
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Death to the Emperor's enemies!
Zero-The-Hero13's avatar
Crimson Fists! Yeah! Amazing work man. I thought the rough version was aweosme but this? Damn.
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Awesome man, I'm not particularly fond of Ultramarines (Imperial Fists FTW), but you made them look awesome
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O.O holy shit man thats freaking amazing well done man :) the table top game i've played a little i don't own a army XDD but i've played XDD lol
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Now *those* are some bad dudes. Fantastic Job.
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Rice-Ninja93 Digital Artist

gotta love those guys. good job painting too! :)
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Love the bullet tracers, nice action picture ;)
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equilibrikHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice Artwork my man you've got some good skill.
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40k got me too, and I suffered from the same problem.
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