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Tears of a distant sun

A continuation of my side project : )

--SDATE 01/08/2443-*

Abandoned, forgotten for centuries... by the ever-expanding exo-frontier of mankind.

Survivors. We are all that is left of our once proud harvest fleet, protecting our Earthly crimson banner against the horrors of the planet we came here to claim. It is the only thing that reminds us of our purpose, steeling our hearts for the long, bloody road ahead.

When our weapons ran dry and the automated factories went to sleep, our leaders took the last lifepods... abandoning us to the dust and the wind, promising to return for us should we ever lay claim to this savage planet.

Have faith, my hunters, for they will return to us once our task is complete. Till then, live on your anger and your hate.

This planet, and many more, will be ours for the taking.


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Epic and as smooth as a banana rum milkshake!
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Amazing vibe in this picture. Not hard for me to connect to it ;-)
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nice work,so inside these machines are people fighting far from earth?
steamflunky's avatar
Very impressive!
jainswapnil52's avatar
Reminds me of Qin warriors//
1sinmuse's avatar
This is a truly epic peace.  Well done!
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Not only the art, but the caption blew me away!

As an author, I'm wondering: Where is the novelization based on this piece?! Epic.
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Holy shit I love this setting, and especially this piece. When I look at the sun it feels like it's actually flickering in the haze. I can hear the howl of the wind and the sand lashing against the dunes.

This BLEEDS cool.
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Awesome art, and nice story :)
rgm501's avatar
Mind blowing!!!
DominiqueVanVelsen's avatar
wow this is amazing~!
JoePingleton's avatar
You can almost choke on the dust.
Awesome Artwork
OrionShipworks's avatar
Most excellent work! I love the effect you created with the sunlight coming around the edge of the building. This place looks so hot and dry I feel a sense of fatigue and despair from looking at it!
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This is AWESOME!
Malinidk's avatar
I love the feel of the dust from the ground.
Malinidk's avatar
Cheers right back at you ^^
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I've been following you since your first works here, and even then there was no doubt you were going far. Gorgeus colors and love the crisp details on the character in the foreground.
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This is awesome. I love the sense of scale and beautiful warm sun palette to contrast the harsh scenery
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