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Stim Armour

Stim Armour. Good for taking down Jar Jar with. Down boy. Good boy.

Now that the image has been flipped I realise the horrendous angle on the stormtrooper's helmet. I apologise. :'( Hope the nature of the image more than makes up for it though. Thank you Roger for picking this one!

Done for Sony Online Entertainment's Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game.

Shout out to Roger Chamberlain, Art Director for the project.

Work is copyright to Lucasarts Entertainment (explains why you don't see signatures anywhere on the work as well...). You can find the higher res wallpaper versions here: [link]
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I found a new wallpaper
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Ooohh, yes. Yes! Yes! Yes! If only I'd found this marvel earlier. It's like finally scratching away an itch for good that had lingered on for years. Dude had it coming big time. How satisfying.
*crack*  good hit i hope the skull caved in on that damn jarjar. I hate him so much, stupid funny character that ruined the movie
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plz tell me that was jar jar and that his skull broke so he died of blood loss
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Ouch! But cool!
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Reminds me of the Halo Reach concept art for the multiplayer lobby
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Just something about a Gungan getting hit the face that makes me smile!
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Thank you for this image!
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That's what was needed in the first place.  
Jars-face-whatever would have his jaw wired shut to help the significant reconstructive surgeries heal.

whoa....... , bad waves. sorry.
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AHAHAHAHAHA sorry this is too funny XD
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 Aw, poor Jar Jar was just trying to put right what he did wrong! Oh, who am I kidding? That is probably his cousin twice removed, and Palpatine probably made the half-brained idiot the Senator for Naboo!
 He's a coward by nature, and with his luck, something funny would happen to the Stim Trooper anyways!
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Waited a long time for something like this.
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Man... '-' JUST AWESOME '0' PRETTY GOOD WORK. It reminds me SW Battlefront that it will be soon launched *o* Just great
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I mean Sith. -_-
damn auto correct.
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Have no mercy for him he's a sixth Lord...

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Jar Jar is like "Misa not feel ma face anymore". Lol loved this.
you sir are my hero
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