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Space Vagabonds: Assaulter



Done for Space Vagabonds [ [link] ] © Gregor Theado 2009

Once in a while you get those crazy passionate clients that actually have vision and know what they want. Gregor is certainly one of them and it was a blast doing these characters and mechanicals for his RPG universe.

This would be the Assault Officer from the Colonial Defence Squadron. They are basically zero G trained rapid response/SWAT teams.

The inspiration for this one was a bomb disposal suit, but something that was less bulky, trimmed down to allow ease of movement and augmented with exoskeleton frame to enhance agility and power all round. I kept the helmet almost of a different style to emphasise the fact that these guys are allowed to don personal customised gear (partly due to shitty budgets for their unit). The helmet was probably specially ordered in from a zero-atmosphere combat exosuit or something, just to give him even more protection and special optics.

He has a cut-down slug gun for door...well more like wall breaching. The one other feature I am quite happy with is putting a field-command computer station on his back. I think it evokes the imagery of a soldier with a communications pack on his back. The idea I had was that since the entire team was comprised of only 4 members, they would need to double up on roles and duties. In this case, because of the crazy amount of armour, strength and survivability the Assaulter was packing, it made perfect sense for him to be the comms guy that the commander would always stick with (more like hide behind!) and as well as being the 'mule' of the team that carries all the heavy weapons to the fight... plus drag their asses out of the fire when need be.
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Hey, your link has suffered from link rot. I can't find what you were trying to point me towards. I would like to know what it was.