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Originally done to practice medieval gear and people, and to share some design ideas with :iconwraithdt: (he's a total medieval history buff..loves starwars too.)

So to royally piss him off i did camoflague knights with antlers and dangling 'windage' indicators (so they can fire their 20mm gunlances more accurately) and steampunk rebreathers and knightvision goggles... :D

Apparently some ppl think its more suited for a monster hunter tribute... :shrug:

thanks for viewing!
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I really like the way how you draw her, but the best thing of the picture is definitely the armor in the background. :D With it you can survive any timeline.

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interesting piece
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Excuse me as I interpret the sound I made when I saw this in text form:


The concept is loved by my mind and the artistry here pleases my eyeballs greatly.

You are divine.
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Looks disturbingly erotic. Someone who demands sex from her, better be a masochist, as she looks ready to sodomize some poor bastard with that gun.
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Orders ma'm?!
Wicked job this.
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This is the only image I've spent more than 4 minutes looking at since morning. Very interesting pic, sir!
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amazing art! loved it
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Nice, she looks so natural
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I gotta tell ya, this is pretty epic. Sorry I don't have anything more constructive to say...
Mr-Iscariot's avatar
Very impressive work... this is one if my top favorites!
ukitakumuki's avatar
Thank you kindly :D
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Oh man! This must have taken like 4 billion years to make! Came out super nice though!
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amazing...makes me think of royo
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At least she covered her left shoulder.
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wwwwwwooooooo, Marvellous!!!!!!. :dummy::dummy::dummy:
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