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Shrapnel Concept

Done for [link]

Some preconcept 'set pieces' that went hand in hand with a flurry of designs :) Had lots of creative freedom at this point, and I went with a modular weapon/shield for the marines in this piece. It can have components swapped out in/on a large robust carrier frame.

Visually, conventional arms proportions felt small to me on the battlesuits at the time.

Ok, so i just really had the most fun painting the 'death from above' nutcase at the far right :p You can tell he's having fun too. He's not even paying attention to his officer leading the charge!

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Very impressed by your gallery ukitamuki. Lighting and composition and designs are definitely from top shelf! Keep it up man ;-)
- Rayn
This is gorgeous work, the grim resolution of these soldiers is almost  tangible.
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I like the designs for those guys :D Are they robots, or just guys in heavy armor?
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Love those rifles!
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this is amazing the lighting making that grunge effect is perfect. the 2nd battle suits helmets smiley face would be awesome if it was more noticeable
ukitakumuki's avatar
haha thank you! Didnt wanna make the smiley tooo big as i wanted it to look like a true to life scale patch, ya know?
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i cant stop looking at it =) Awesome
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Glad you enjoy it!
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This is crazy! Looks so goo!
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Amazing work! I'm a composer, and I wrote an epic action sketch inspired by this image - hope you enjoy it :)

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how long did you learn with tablet? It's great :-) I started with digital painting 10 monts ago and i still looking for my self technique, it's not so easy how i thought if you want, you can look to my profile, i will glad because i need opinions of professionals(sorry for bad english, normal i speak slovak)
.....have a nice day ;-)
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Hi! I have been doing this for about 10 years now.. thank you :) I think its more important that you understand basic fundamental theory, skills..before progressing to 'finding your style'. I saw your horror piece, its a great start!
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thanx for your answer, good luck ;)
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great design! love it
This has always been a favorite of mine. It's refreshing to finally pay your page a visit after such a long time. This is just the kind of inspiration I needed for my GMing.

If anything, if I were to say: turn this into a Power Card, what do you imagine would it say?
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looks sick, NICELY Done
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Makes me think of the heavy guy from those concept arts you made for the.. Colonial Defence Squad or something?
Great picture, reminded me of the first generation mechs from The Animatrix.
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