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SWGTCG: Boba Fett

Now that Galaxies is officially defunct, I thought it safe to post some of my favourite illustrations here for posterity sake..!

Working on this franchise for close to 2 years really helped me grow as a creative and allowed me to explore many aspects of the craft-- its not often you get to play the role of illustrator, story-teller and designer within a single commission. It was truly rewarding in hindsight and more often that not, a very humbling experience when you witness the sheer quality and passion of other fellow creatives working on the same project, really inspires you to stretch yourself beyond the usual bounds!
© LECL & LFL and SOE.

I was asked to edit out the body parts in the background.. ;) (Note the unofficial indirect-fire wrist rockets being deployed)
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The best bounty hunter in the galaxy
Like father, like son.
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One of the very best Boba pics I've ever seen... and there are many great ones^^
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Amazing! I need to start looking at some of your older work. These are fantastic!
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awesome... just amazing!
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Look a boba fett doing what he does best. Killing people.
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This blows me out of the water. What I find fascinating is that I've coloured pic this pic to see if there was any green what so ever since it is in a flame/orange environment and found I really couldn't find any. I mean my brain tells me there's green but is this a color theory trick? I know when the character or subject is the opposite color of the environment, a good rule of thumb is to have that color really desaturated. I'm still studying about lighting and painting but I wanted to know how your painting process works if you don't mind me asking.
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Brilliant piece... one of the best Fett illustrations I've seen!
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Amazing pose, well done!
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So amazing! Badass & incredible work
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You can actually still play Star Wars Galaxies. You actually have to download an emulator for it and you will need to have a copy of the game with you.
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I love the movement here!
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Good Contribution thank you very much.
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Outstanding in every aspect.  Faved and shared on Tumblr.
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