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SONS OF ORION : Process x Tutorial

Something I've promised many who asked, been a long time coming, but I figure this recent piece can finally be of help since its been received relatively well. It is no easy feat to make a informative yet concise-enough process /tut but regardless I hope it helps someone out there along in their journey in art and design.  
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this is such an amazing art I ever found if you want to look something more than you can look out this idea too here

this is such an amazing art I ever found if you want to look something more than you can look out this

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Great tutorial. 
Cheers mate
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Ahhh it's so incredible to get an insight into your process! Thank you so much for sharing :D
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Great Breakdown! Super image too :)
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So great! Thanks a lot for this detailed process tutorial, with your detailed comments. I'm currently searching lot of information on how to render Ambient Occlusion to give more realism to light rendering, and your approach is definitely a must

This is especially visible from your 3rd image, which is already gorgeous though you're not even halway through your process.

This is almost magical indeed
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Awesome tutorial, thank you for making this. The similarities of your methods to a 3D rendering really clicked with me.
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tyvm .. not a great friend but thanks !
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the most talented person I've seen also a great friend, I like the way you've improved your skills , i like every lapse, cheers!!! 
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Very nice.  Thank you.
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Thank you for posting this!
you very good teacher
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Love it, thank you very much :)
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great work as always
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Oooh! :O
So brilliant...! :clap:
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this is brilliant! thanks for sharing.
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hey man. im working in singapore now. do u play 40k? lets get a game someday.
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