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Our Phantom Skies

By ukitakumuki
a day in PS CS :o

Done for an A1 poster for my diplomashow... ;_; damn school.

Its recycled and remade material from a scene of my Final Year animation project(solo), Konnimo: Our Phantom Skies...

In this mood shot, I wanted to show the real back-world behind the film, one which was vast and foreboding. The carrier Den Mother is in dry-air dock with a hulking command tower, getting rearmed and repaired automatically. Vertical idea was pushed because I wanted a universal idea of courage and fearlessness -representative of space flight (with a nifty solid fuel rocket). The clouds and acrid gases I hope, add to that effect! :) The vast cityscape below can be seen if u peer closely enough.

I hope diploma show goes well, its been hell thus far, 4 am and I'm still laying out my portfolio [which btw is ghastly] :(

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Looks like it belongs in Half-Life 2 or Dishonored (they both share similar aesthetic design and were drawn-up by the same artist). Fantastic.
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honoured to hear that! (no pun intended)
This is so epic! @_@
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So you said your portfolio was ghastly at the time you made this...


Its amazing.
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Inspiring work! Really beautiful.
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I think this one of my most favourite piece around da.
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Fantastic !!!
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This is amazing.
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The colors and perspective and the way the text is centered... everything about this reeks of awesomeness! I hope your portfolio went well! I can hardly imagine how it couldn't have, with the skills you seem to possess!
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Thats a neat looking Sky Carrier!
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No problem! I gotta say. This is one of your best pieces yet. I really love it!
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Madness... congratulations!
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How about placing that animation somewhere? =)
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This is great! The way the warm light works creates a very nice atmosphere and the text in the middle works really nicely.
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why isn't this a daily deviation?
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very very cool!!
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Homeworld Mothership. Amazing.
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This gives me the stomach-dropping sensation of high heights! Beautiful.
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