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Orbital Strike

By ukitakumuki
When in doubt. Nuke it.

Done for Sony Online Entertainment's Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game.

Shout out to Roger Chamberlain, Art Director for the project.

Work is copyright to Lucasarts Entertainment (explains why you don't see signatures anywhere on the work as well...). You can find the higher res wallpaper versions here: [link]
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© 2009 - 2021 ukitakumuki
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SSD is enough to bomb planets, don't know why build Deathstar
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Nailed Imperial firepower (kinda overkill if you ask me) & W0W the scale is impressive. I mean, looK HOW TINY THOSE Rebel Frigates are in comparison to those Super-Star Destroyers??
they're too beautiful to be in combat put them in a museum.
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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Humberto Surian and along my  
life long friend José Andre and our passion for animation in general,  
have decided to dedicate our time – and passion – to a start up  
platform to unite information and contacts of animation professionals  
from all over the world.
We have noticed that not just internationally but also here in Brazil  
there’s been a boom on animation production and an even bigger group  
of people interested in starting in this amazing fantasy, art,  
communication segment.
To kick start this, we are contacting local and international  
professionals (such as yourself) and checking on interest and  
viability to participate on an online forum between march 28 and april 04.

We are in pre production mode and checking on valuable people that  
could contribute with knowledge to share (the topics of discussion  
will be the very first steps needed to start in the business, and  
again, to network people that share such passion).

Would you be interested and/or available to participate? Maybe you  
already have stream video material available (where we would add  
subtitles and make it available?)

This is the first move from our end;  the main goal of connecting people and building a network. However, as  
we move along, we want to make the material collected available for  
purchasing (with more details to come regarding this).

Please advise so we may continue communication.
Thank you so much in advance and kind regards from Brazil.
Humberto ( and José André (
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Nice Exterminatus :D
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Орбитальный удар... Безупречная работа по художественной части, но наивная по интеллектуальной составляющей. Подобные вещи были бы великолепны лет тридцать назад, когда американский кинематограф демонстрировал фантастические фильмы с подобными темами т. е. мастерство выше всяких похвал но ощущение, что всё это я уже когда-то видел. Впрочем, это проблема всего современного искусства. Простите за резкость - это моё личное мнение.
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Base Delta Zero, rips apart continents and turns the surface to glass. Either somebody really angered them, Vader found out the dark side has no cookies or yet another bio-weapons lab had a containment breach.
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Yeah, if it's the first option, then the Rebels better start praying to whatever god they believe in, because it's probable that they will die. The second scenario sounds funny, just seeing Darth Vader order a Base Delta Zero on a random planet to vent his frustration. The third scenario would be vital if the bio-weapon in question was the death trooper plague, as that would warrant bombarding the planet from orbit.
TheDarkHeretic's avatar
Nice work !
Thats how i imagine a bombardement ;) !
delta7Xx's avatar
base delta zero bombardment
Maccyjoe's avatar
US strikes back.
aullus's avatar
Good Contribution thank you very much.
Ragnarok6664's avatar
Grand bombardement ;) wont be much left on the surface 
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Never piss off the empire! 

....for they have gun that make big holes in your planet!
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the moment, when palpatine heard about the new series "Rebels"...!
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That's a full Delta Zero there, not just an orbital strike XD Two SSDs seems like overkill, even for the Empire XD
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I love this piece of art!!!  It was my desktop background for years but I never knew who painted it!!!
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its the only way to be sure..
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nothing HOLY, here. 
just war  :-)
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