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Only War: Shield of Humanity

By ukitakumuki
© Games Workshop

This was a cover done about year ago for Fantasy Flight Games' Only War: Shield of Humanity…

As always, big shout to Zoe Robinson and Andrew at FFG for being great producers! (Also this was based off a composition sketch by Andrew!)

A Ministorum Priest and a special IG detachment, on the move. With a nice red signal flare or two for good measure. Framed against a nuclear sun. Always a nuclear sun.
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© 2014 - 2021 ukitakumuki
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For Holy Terra and the God Emperor!
Crimson-Quill-086's avatar
Behold, the might of the Astra Militarum!
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Holy omnissiah!... This is one good pic :nod:
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Do it for him For the Emperor by Tnynfox  
Holy fuck, I always come back to this piece. So damn cool...
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Shield of humanity would be the imperial navy, the imperial guard would be THE MIGHTY HAMMER Heartbreaker 
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Super detailed and super nice, loved it <3 bravo!
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Holy hell you're the person behind that? Damn man that's awesome. That is absolutely incredible!
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Ash?! How did you get there?! O.O
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Did you do the art for the priest on the page for the Ministorum Priest class in the core book? Trying to find a clean image of that guy.
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One of the best art of Imperial Guards in battle. The priest leading them in front of the baneblade makes this perfect.
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Holy shit the flasbacks i got from this pic gave me goosebumps! Awsome work!
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Fething awesome.
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not a huge fan of 40k but this is still nevertheless  a cool piece :)
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Where did you get that idea for the chainsword?
Urielargus's avatar
The chainsword is a iconic weapon in the Warhammer 40.000 universe :)
OmegaZzyzx's avatar
Huh. Warhammer 40.000. I'll check it out.
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