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Only War: No Surrender

By ukitakumuki
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This was a cover done couple months back for Fantasy Flight Games' Only War: No Surrender. […

Big shout out to Zoe Robinson and Andrew at FFG for helping to produce this :)

The brief was pretty straightforward, a guardsman having fought a long, exhausting battle with no end in sight. I thought a more graphic presentation would not only make a more arresting portrait of a guardsman in trouble, but perhaps also put an interesting spin on the usual "GET SUM!" image and hopefully sell that visual narrative of isolation versus courage, a theme I seem to enjoy coming back to with regards to the IG! All this was built around having him stand in the shadow of a Chaos space marine.
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Pitty the Guardsmen

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This art so cool....realy
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Congratulations, soldier! You have been selected to achieve martyrdom for the Imperium, and achieve your ultimate goal of giving your life in service to the God-Emperor of mankind! No need to thank us!
-Sincerely, Chaos <3
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... Looks like he is about to fight a terminator... Sorry, guy, your sacrifice will not be forgotten. For the Emlperor !
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Chaos Space Marine by the edges of the shadow.
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...Maybe you're right.
Whatever, this poor guy is already dead ^^
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The fallen are forever remembered as the Emperor's finest.
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and then that guardsman rolled all 6s and won combat
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I like the look in his eyes.  It says:  "how many sixes do I think I can roll against this guy?"
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It's gonna take a lot more numbers to take down this jumbo shrimp.
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After a grueling battle with a seemingly endless flow of heretics, only one guardsman remained, with a stab wound under his flak, and a fractured femur. A beacon was lit, but he knew that reinforcements weren't coming.
After recovering enough strength to get up and limp about, he picked up a bloody machete on the ground -- likely from one of his fallen comrades, who might have come from a death world--, and painstakingly wobbled to the door out, only for it to open on its own, with a renegade marine on the other side, mutated, looking to bloody his claw some more.
At that cold moment, the man was struck with immeasurable awe and terror of the hulking, grinning behemoth, which was ready to impale him. His mind then involuntarily flashed through all of his life memories: his first steps in a Hive marketplace, his parents, who had been killed by Orks, his first love, his children, whom he hadn't seen for well over 12 years, the friends he had made in the guard, and as his mind shifted into the military life, he remembered seeing those same friends getting blown to bits in their first battle, and their remains being trampled upon by imperial boots, his endless nights of terror of the commissar, who would brandish his pistol every time h saw a guardsman, and now, everything that his entire life had led up to.
He was frozen with fear, but would quickly thaw himself with his faith in the Emperor, and the idea that all it took is one brave soul to stand up to impossible odds and prevail, hoping to see his family again.
The poor sod...
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Really Cool Image. Well done.
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This video suits the Guard perfectly.…

The more I think about it, the Imperial Guard are more badass than the Space Marines.
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Because they are just normal men. Marines are genetically made to be perfect and not show any fear at all. The guard, and the army before them, are just normal men and women who, despite the odds, are putting their lives on the line, not just for the emperor, but so that their loved ones and family don‘t have to. That is true courage and bravery. It doesn’t matter how good your weaponry is, how durable your armor is, if you were made in a test tube. The fact that you are a normal human being, and facing the greatest foes in the galaxy, and willingly put your life on the line for your loved ones, is a testament to your strength in itself. Strength even I don‘t think I have.

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That's what makes the Imperial Guard so badass, and why I love them so much.

Don't get me wrong, I still love the space marines and even the sisters of battle, but it's the Guard that really makes all their awesome actions and tactics often possible.
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It’s also why I respect ALL armed forces of the earth. Well, most of them anyway. The ones that go around terrorizing are nothing more than thugs, but the majority do it out of a sense of duty And honor to protect their families. The guard is no different. Yes, they get the short end of the stick most of the time, especially in the case of scintilIan fusiliers, or in space marine stories, even in the table top and dawn of war vanilla, but the Marines are not numerous, and there wouldn’t be humankind if not for the guard fighting the black crusades, the tyranids, the war of the beast, etc. That’s why I just started reading Cadian Blood. To familiarize myself with WHY they are the real heroes of the imperium.

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I couldn't have put it any better myself.

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That symbol on the helmet made me remember stroggs from Quake.
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It's the symbol of the Imperial Guard.
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That's how an Imperial Guardsman dies, on his feet and holding the Emperor-damned line.
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Someday i will draw the warhammer thems like this q.q
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Poor dude, Horus is going to fucking murderize into the warp and back again.
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