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Nation of Sol - Urchin down

5-6 hours on PScs , airbrush tool

a personal project of sorts!

This mountain range has a high altitude lake, to which the Black Shell tribe calls home.

The Onyxa clan's damned dam has screwed up the lives of the peaceful Black Shell tribe long enough.

A marine Black Shell force launches an assault from the dam break at low tide with the aid of an unusual ally -a wyvern(it was found crapping near a crab den, and caught off guard. It promised to be tame as long as the Shells didn't kill it during its major shit. Its embarassing, really.)

Their objective; a fishing shrine at the base of the dam fortress. Desecrate it, and the slutty sea goddess will not supply their food for the coming winter months. A perfect plan, to turn the tide.

Unfortunately, Smelly Urchin, a captain of the Black Shells has just run out of luck, and takes 2 arrows in the spine.[this leads to the invention of the "rolling-chair".] Barracuda, the assault commander swears vengeance. A 'mantar' dices up some opposition in the meantime, and the Giant Arantian Crab crew is happy with the days frags.

Another day, another battle, in the nation of the Sun.
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This is still my favorite of your works. Its lack of precise details allows the viewer to sink into this dreamlike world
wow amazing could use some more of these!
DmitriBurkov's avatar
magnificent drawing
ukitakumuki's avatar
honoured! thank you
DmitriBurkov's avatar
There is nothing, I very much liked your style яб wanted as will learn to draw
DmitriBurkov's avatar
Excuse the translator bad
Corosion-Studio's avatar
The movement in the scene is really great ! Very nice work
Frost7's avatar
best goes for the picture that goes with your story telling, that makes u a very versatile artist, oneday a director shud make a movie out of your brilliance..
Lonely-Insomniac's avatar
lol. the description
CardsOfWars's avatar
oh wow very impressive. I low how everything on the screen just intrests me, and I like how you tell a story along with it. great job :D

I was wondering though if you would allow me to use this image in the trading card game I am working on; I will give full credit to you if you allow me to use the picture. I will not use this image unless you give permission of course. If you have any questions just post a comment here or email me at
ukitakumuki's avatar
I appreciate your interest in my work, but I'm not interested in your offer, sorry!

Thank you kindly though : )
CardsOfWars's avatar
okay :D thanks for your time and best of luck to in your future artwork :)
SeekerNami's avatar
... speechless.
You're a deity. Your works are amazing! I can't stop looking at them.
Your technique is very interesting... it kinda reminds me of oil paintings. I wonder what kind of graphic tablet you use and... specially how many brushes do you use for your works. I hardly believe you use the preset brushes from PS... again you're awesome!

ukitakumuki's avatar
Most artists paint with normal 'no frills' brushes. Simply because at some point you're going to have to get detail down in the most predictable and practical way, and you're not going to get that with some tricked out custom brush that random stamps patterns for you.

Check out [link] He's a great example of using the basic stuff, then once happy with the foundation you then 'detail up' to your hearts content knowing the base is well defined and readable.

Hope that helps somewhat!
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i can see the dragon dancing around singing "ill eat you upp il eat you uuuu uuup ill eat you up, gobble obble, nom nom nom"
nice paint i like it
Krymzynshade's avatar
What an amazing picture. What program did you use for it?
cool homage to lord of the rings battles
karljasperjuan's avatar
blast.. all your works are magnificent..
deepspaceexplorer's avatar
Did you only use the airbrush tool?
davidwehmeyer's avatar
Really nice work! could feel the battle!
karelwolf's avatar
god I love this, chaos, blood, crazy f****d up animal things.... it's like my dreams.
z3rry's avatar
i really love this picture so much! one of the really creative things on here is the mantar. that thing looks awsome! i love the big knight guys too. i worship you!!!
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