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Nation of Sol - Urchin down



5-6 hours on PScs , airbrush tool

a personal project of sorts!

This mountain range has a high altitude lake, to which the Black Shell tribe calls home.

The Onyxa clan's damned dam has screwed up the lives of the peaceful Black Shell tribe long enough.

A marine Black Shell force launches an assault from the dam break at low tide with the aid of an unusual ally -a wyvern(it was found crapping near a crab den, and caught off guard. It promised to be tame as long as the Shells didn't kill it during its major shit. Its embarassing, really.)

Their objective; a fishing shrine at the base of the dam fortress. Desecrate it, and the slutty sea goddess will not supply their food for the coming winter months. A perfect plan, to turn the tide.

Unfortunately, Smelly Urchin, a captain of the Black Shells has just run out of luck, and takes 2 arrows in the spine.[this leads to the invention of the "rolling-chair".] Barracuda, the assault commander swears vengeance. A 'mantar' dices up some opposition in the meantime, and the Giant Arantian Crab crew is happy with the days frags.

Another day, another battle, in the nation of the Sun.
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This is still my favorite of your works. Its lack of precise details allows the viewer to sink into this dreamlike world