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Monsterpocalypse: Uprising

This was done for the Monsterpocalypse Now rulebook last year... really fun! (.pdf rulebook downloadable here: [link])

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I wish I could favorite this multiple times.
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You're a badass.
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damn! thats awesome, mate, well done ;).
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Bioshock on steroids. :omg:
Is this the full picture? and if so where can I find more of these faction portraits? If not then where do I find the whole thing? (and still more factoin portraits?)
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I love this. It is superbly detailed, with added units form the game, mainly a Mollok Brute and a G-Tank. The impressive details and color really give the impression that Drillcon-Vorionikk is climbing its way up from a massive sinkhole, while also demonstrating Drillcon's ability to Multi-shot as it aims for the G-Tank. Really demonstrates the chaos and destruction this game can give you.
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That's a hell of a big daddy
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Woow, so stunning. Love the action in the scene.
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deammmmmmmm....that thing broke mi building jejejejej, amazing art amazing lights and shades and colors :D i love everything i this piece
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It has an armoured belly.Cool.I want one of these too...
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The game seems really fun! I think they do miniature sculpts of the designs to be played with the board game.
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I only wish you could have done art for the entire series. This is perfect.
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That is sick as hell
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this. is. incredible. love it!
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y thank you kindly :)
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"I think we're going to have to get a bigger gun." Love it!
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Wow :o I'd love to know how long that took you...just.amazing!
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2-3 days I think..
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Monsters and drills, bigger is better... man I LOVE THIS!
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