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Monsterpocalypse: Swarm

This was done for the Monsterpocalypse Now rulebook last year... really fun! (.pdf rulebook downloadable here: [link])

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Whoooa! This is gorgeous!
Jacob-Cross's avatar
Whoa epic :XD:

And I can't help but think of Power Rangers the Movie now lol :XD:
You referenced it not being your design on both monpoc images. Do you have any source material you can share. Did they show you a Miniature  model or what did you have to work from?
Is this the full picture? and if so where can I find more of these faction portraits? If not then where do I find the whole thing? (and still more factoin portraits?)
Thekrazykiki's avatar
sort of reminds me of a carnifex for warhammer 40k
ukitakumuki's avatar
not my design :) hehe
canonflux89's avatar
ultraman's enemies
Gods-Mistake's avatar
I wish I would shit gold bricks. I would shit you 2 billion and tell you to make this beauty into a fucking 3 hour movie. No rules. Be as fucked up, as you want to be.
The sicker, the better...
aaah... dreams...
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LOL! I think theres a film being made in this vein... its called Pacific Rim.. to be directed by Del Toro! :) 2013 release I think?

Thanks for the kind words either way :)
Gods-Mistake's avatar
Uuh! Thanks for that glorious hint, man.
Del Toro might pull this one off. Hope the fame didnt get to his head yet.
Still, I hope he stumbles upon your design sketch and fucking hire you. Your designs look wicked sick
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thanks again! I'm having trouble locating vids or screencaps of the SDCC Pacific Rim trailer... any luck?
Gods-Mistake's avatar
It doesnt seem to have a trailer yet. Only 3 stills seem to have been released. None of the monsters yet, only the gear of the good guys. Reminds me of the Mass Effect armor design.


We'll have to wait a little longer, I guess...
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ah, i was hoping that some ppl managed to sneak in cameras for the SDCC reveal. Apparently it showed a battle on the beach or something..
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I don't know why, but I somehow LOL'd this! Still EPIC though!
The Exterminator is so going to deserve some overtime pay
RoFlo-Felorez's avatar
i feel like this is what Megalon should look like :iconilavplz:
Noitusan's avatar
Great lighting.
Very awesome giant ass monster. Nice!
Myuutsuu85's avatar
pretty cool. Very good drawing
kasaibou's avatar
Godzilla should use some bug spray for this one.
X-Buimon-Sama's avatar
i wish i would get a artist to draw for me wiht this skills
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