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This was something fun and different and along the lines of my previous Rockman submission. I've been quite taken by the no-frills, disciplined approach required for achieving a Cel-shaded style, which I find challenging and very rewarding when pulled off.

So anyways, here is my attempt at "fanart" of MVC3's Tron Bonne, Iron Man, and Megaman Zero (in alt costume) going head to head with a bunch of Sentinels and Galactus himself. I am no real fan of MVC3, have ONLY EVER SPECTATED matches myself-- but the rest of the peeps here at IFS made it a point to do up a series of themed MVC3 illustrations for The Games Xpo 2011 over here in Singapore to celebrate the gaming culture; so I just jumped on the bandwagon and took the opportunity to try something different. Was certainly most enjoyable, doing a cartoony scene of steel carnage!
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I like to think Tron Bonne would join in to help because of her love for Mega Man... But she'd most likely try to cover it up as something else like "N-Nobody crushes you but me, Mega Dweeb!"