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Martian Sidewinder Tribute

By ukitakumuki
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{edit: cleaned the drawing up more and added some details here and there... i suspect one of these days im either going to model it in sketchup... or paint it fully... damn lines are KILLING ME!!!!%$@ How do you people do it...}

Happy New Year everyone!

2010 has been one helluva year for me, and I just wanted to take the time to pay my due respects to certain individuals in particular that, through their art or kind advice, inspired my growth as an artist.

**In no order of importance ;)**

***I am shamefully admitting that due to a long list and a terrible memory I find myself constantly adding names that I left out the first time round! :no: ***

:iconleinilyu: for the wonderful lunch convo we had at STGCC (the lineart is for you dude! I'm sorry its so scratchy, you know the story! lol)


...this artwork here has been inspired by you in one way or another, and is dedicated to you! Hope you guys like it :)

PS: This was originally based off a design I found in one of my old sketchbooks from my army days, I guess I liked it enough to want to rework it using your works as inspiration.
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Ah! My dead account. While art is kind of dropped by the wayside recently this is still a great piece and glad to have helped in whatever (I would guess limited!) way back at the time :)
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i love this mech
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i love the head on this thing!!!!!
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What a masterpiece of design and rendering.
So imaginative. Ungh!!!
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I'm after going through all of your Space Vagabonds work (not sure if this is part of it) and I have loved every piece
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It looks so strong and tough, nice!
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Reminds me of the Anf from Gundam 00. I like it.
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ooh! that looks cool. thanks for sharing :D
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love the gun claw!
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Heavy f***ing metal!
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>:( this is soooo good!
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:bow: thank you kindly sir :)
wow.. very real conceptual with details.. like u'r style..
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Looks awesome, wish they had those in thee military. The chassis kinda reminds me from Armor Core though, if u think about it in a way.
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those vulcan cannon claw/flash hiders look like they are made for crushing skulls ;)
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That they are, sir! :) Hope you've been well! Last Feb, I came across BattleTech: 25 Years at a hobbystore. Flipping through the pages I saw one with a wicked painted Atlas and a few other combat scenes that made me pick the expensive book up. Turns out all the works were yours! haha

man i hope they make another game :( Tihs time with proper physics and geomod and destruction engine!!
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that picture was a surprise to me too, when i was working on it, i only got a brief description of what was supposed to be in it. I didn't realize until much later that it was an illustration for a short story by Michael Stackpole, one of the big guys in so far as BT novels go. I was all like, holy crap.

But dude the feeling is returned. I was in a comic store like 2 years ago and was like "hmm, shrapnel? this art looks...familiar...oooh my shit its utika guy from deviantart!" I will buy all of these!
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