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This was an image that started life as a speedpainting-collab session at STGCC 2010 between Daryl Tan([link]) and myself.
The idea came about when I brought my rough sketch of some space marines to be used as a starting point for my live demo, only to find out that he was painting a similar piece, albeit at a slightly different angle. So feeling adventurous, I mentioned to him how I thought it would be cool to see how our 2 different images could be amalgamated into one and ended up compositing my sketches around his marines, and going from there. It was a very interesting challenge and I learnt a great deal from the process, because it was more of an art-conversation between us and a practice in simply making use of what's there to begin with while melding 2 separate styles into 1.

By the end of the session we saved the file and agreed to continue from that point in our own time. I'm really looking forward to his rendition!

My final version turned out very different from what I was going for initially (desert scheme marines with a tacti-cool twist) because I learnt he was collecting a Space Marine army of his own, one with a Blood Angel style scheme, and decided to homage it in this image here :) Hope you like it dudel!
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Fantastic job!
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That Tact in the front is all like: "IS THAT ALL YOU FUCKING GOT, YOU EMPEROR FORSAKEN HERETICS??!!!"
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I remember seeing this back in 2010 when you first posted it, I loved the small spins you did to their armor such as the laser pointers and magazines strapped to their armor. I'm planning on applying to Games Workshop towards the end of the year and this picture is still a great source of inspiration for trying to break out of the same old thing with Space Marine armor. Of course your work now is obviously far improved from this but I still feel there is something special with this one. Maybe nostalgia, who knows. Still, I loved it back in 2010 and I loved it now.
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I'm not even much a fan of the Space Marines, but this is too much. I just get the feeling that something is going on here, it isn't static, and I want to know what it is.
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As a Blood Angel player, and 40k fan, and friend to a few Artists myself, i am awestruck by this. if this WERE to be able to be wall paper resolution i would indeed like it. makes one wonder if there could be a black library collection of short stories in single volume with the tales of the final battles of "lost"/"extinct" chapters. 
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Looks like there retreating to a last stand, I like how the shapes aren't clearly defined, gives a sense of dust, derbies etc in the air
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there's  extinct chapters right? This might be one of them.
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This is full of awesome, it's filled with it.

I wish it was wallpaper resolution.
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I love the laser-sights you have them use.  In fact, the whole thing oozes awesome.
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these guys take a beating
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The marine has an arm lost, but I will bet he will say, "I didn't lost my arm, it is just over there."
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He's pointing at it with his laser-pointer.
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either that or he's aiming it at the heretic who shot off his arm.
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these aren't stormtroopers PS what are they
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these are space marines you heretic!
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Very very cool!!!
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