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Into The Fray



A combat rescue gone awry. Swamp divers with gonads of steel decide to leap out of their chopper against the Crewchief's orders to try and secure the perimeter and get their retreating buddies back alive. The gunner just squealed and went nuts with the 30mm.

And yes, those are zombies. I have a zombie project brewing with :iconrub-a-duckie: ! Decided to use our muse when I was put on the damned spot during the con, by Stan/Artgerm.

So this was done today for a live demo at the IFS booth @ Singapore Toy and Comic Con, Spent close to 3!!! hours at the laptop, meeting old friends from school now in the industry and talking to ppl while using my pic to paint over, demonstrating how i went about certain bits of the image.

STCC is over, it was an absolute blast, really cant wait for the next one!!- and I've put in another hour into the piece with little details that I couldn't get on the laptop setup at the con.

(other artists that I recall doing demos at our station include in no particular order: Derrick/DCWJ, Skan/Fiduciose, Darren/WraithDT, Kendrick/Kunkka, Chester Ocampo/El Pinoy, Kevin/King Mong, and not forgetting the great Frederick Rambaud(yes thats pronounced RAMBO ppl :p )
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