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Published: November 21, 2003
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EDIT: 15 more mins adding more 'interaction' with the borders, hope for those who've seen the ori, may appreciate this more, after all, it was done cause of crit/comments ^^

3 hours PS6, playing with custom brushes ^^

Like my previous work, this is the second in the series of BIG MECHA INSPIRATION SERIES :wooT: :clap:
...can u ppl spot the relationship to the previous pic? its pertty obvious it started as an over-doodle ;p oops

Homage goes to Y.SHinkawa of metal gear fame, Master Shirow Masamune of GITS and APPLESEED fame, as well as All your favourite designers! ESPECIALLY the genius concept team from Gainax!

THIS IS My take on NEON GENESIS EVANGELION mass production model, in 80% mechanical 20% biomass mode, shes ripping and smashing thru the Absolute Terror Field of an enemy (my TAKE on the AT field.. its like liquid..well sorta :D)

this is a Full time killer :), made it basic wallpaper size for u to enjoy if u can hahahaha.. is it too small? i can make a bigger version... hope u all like it!
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I congratulate you for doing the impossible - making Mass Production Evangelion looking both awesome and heroic. You even managed to make it's eyeless head add more beauty to this machine instead of scaryness, thanks to removal of this maniac smile. Now I'm officially at the Harpies side. Thank you for such of beautyful art.
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SnakeOfLegatoHobbyist Artist
Great work! I always wondered what it would be like for a normal pilot to pilot a Mass Production model Eva Unit.
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ukitakumukiProfessional Digital Artist
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Nice angel looking Eva
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ukitakumukiProfessional Digital Artist
haha thx
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BigBro18Hobbyist Writer
I gotta say (watched the series as a squirt) this is the only fan based re-imagining of any existing series I approve of. Good sir or madame, I shall favorite this and enjoy.
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ukitakumukiProfessional Digital Artist
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BigBro18Hobbyist Writer
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PSconceptsStudent Photographer
Nice work!
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striderhiriuStudent General Artist
Mmmnnn.... Mecha Ridley?
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major killing awesomeness ;)
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Lol it kinda looks like the Arbiter from Halo
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Lonely-InsomniacHobbyist General Artist
they look way cooler :D
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VERY imaginative.
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SurrealinkHobbyist General Artist
OMGZ at first I was just thinking "man, that totally makes me think of the Mass Production Eva Units, but like somehow even way more insanely badass" *click on for full view* and what do you know. You know you are awesome when you can make one of the freakiest mecha designs over 9000 times freakier. Excellent work! ^_^_^
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Renix05Hobbyist Writer
it kinda scared me at first but that show uve done really well! congrats to u!
i could never spend long on a peice of work but for u it really paid off!
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DeadReckoningArtStudent General Artist
I love the style this is in. It looks all realistic and done in oils. Great work =]
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I like the original more aesthetically, but this one seems like more thought was put into it.
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closet slogra enthusiast
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Dextear Writer
Looks amazing, but there's a small patch where the 'wings'(?), where connected to the back, sometimes look 2-D. :D
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waaaaahh.. all of ur pic looks soooooo cool
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I love it ;] I have show it on one of polish NGE site and they love it ;]
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