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Front Mission: Satellite Rain



Hi all! It's been so long since I've been able to post work that I've done!

These concept artworks were done in late 2008 for the game Front Mission Evolved. Front Mission is a cult-classic mecha franchise by Square Enix that inspired my love for robots when I was a youngster. It was an insane privilege for IFS and myself to have been able to contribute to it.


[EDITED: higher res file + sharpened image]

Image info:

Regarding the title-- Yes, I am a huge fan of the Syndicate series (its a classic Bullfrog game). :p I really can't wait to see what EA and Starbreeze will come up with for the next installment.

Anyways, this was a quick one to illustrate an orbital elevator falling through the atmosphere as the terrorist force (from the previous images) brings the fight into the heart of the city. Shown here are brown local military Frost-model Wanzers deployed alongside infantry to defend a city block, blissfully unaware of the... gravity of the situation.


Credits/Additional info:

-This artwork is Copyright Square Enix and Double Helix Games.

-These images (and more) can be found on the Free-to-Download Digital Dossier here: [link]

-Skan Srisuwan for his wonderful Wanzer redesigns.

-Verawat Verasunthorn who translated Skan's designs into 3D models, over which a number were used as 'bases' for me to paint over in these artworks to maintain accuracy and as a time saver.

-With Skan's permission, I'd taken design liberties with some of his designs, throwing in my own ideas and flavour to the mix; hopefully providing an extra layer of 'grounded-ness' or grittiness that I felt resonated with the spirit of Front Mission. ;)
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Pity that Evolved killed the franchise and that new dead horse should not be mentioned. The artwork is great though