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Front Mission: Operations

By ukitakumuki
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Hi all! It's been so long since I've been able to post work that I've done!

These concept artworks were done in late 2008 for the game Front Mission Evolved. Front Mission is a cult-classic mecha franchise by Square Enix that inspired my love for robots when I was a youngster. It was an insane privilege for IFS and myself to have been able to contribute to it.


[EDITED: higher res file + sharpened image]

Image info:

This one took the longest time, total of 3 days IIRC. Combination of 3D base and photo textures. Lots of painting and personal ideas for this one, so I hope you enjoy it. It is my favourite of the lot.

Credits/Additional info:

-This artwork is Copyright Square Enix and Double Helix Games.

-These images (and more) can be found on the Free-to-Download Digital Dossier here: [link]

-Skan Srisuwan for his wonderful Wanzer redesigns.

-Verawat Verasunthorn who translated Skan's designs into 3D models, over which a number were used as 'bases' for me to paint over in these artworks to maintain accuracy and as a time saver.

-With Skan's permission, I'd taken design liberties with some of his designs, throwing in my own ideas and flavour to the mix; hopefully providing an extra layer of 'grounded-ness' or grittiness that I felt resonated with the spirit of Front Mission. ;)
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© 2010 - 2021 ukitakumuki
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Very talented!
inspire atmosphere .
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Im looking for a 3d level design and character artist hit me up and lets talk
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Just watched the launch trailer, reminds me of Heavy Gear.
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Yeahh... good ol Dream Pod 9 :) I actually prefer it over Votoms even though it was inspired by it.
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See... I love pics like this... Behind the battles and explosions there is real work that need to be done before you can go out and have those battles.... great work!
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or in this case.. the calm during the storm, haha!
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indeed, work DURING the explosions! ;-p
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indeed, work DURING the explosions! ;-p
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Just utterly amazing, I can feel the air in this chamber it's that realistic . Brilliant brilliant work
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thank you kindly!
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You're welcome (-;
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Wow, gives the nice impression of a mech hangar bay. Nice attention to detail and architectural elements. Great use of imagination and colors being limited to just a few. I like your sense of scale and proportion, as if the drawing was done at eye-level. Provides just enough visual perspective to give a sense of what and where this is at.
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Omg! I'm always back to your gallery to see this and just now I realize I didn't fav it.... this mistake in corrected now sir. +
See ya!
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did you paint this using grayscale?
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No, just a controlled palette :) cheers!
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What's that pervy mechanic doing on the right side...
Jokes aside
You've inspired me to try to make something different on my next piece, thank you.
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Always glad to pay it forward :)
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if every game looked like this,, i wouldnt get out of my house xD,, btw i would rater spend 5 hours watching at that work than playing Front Mission xD
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Impressive Work Of Art
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