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November 6, 2005
Fields of Eternity by `ukitakumuki simply portrays nearly everything war shows ... the finest of details shows even as a soldier dies, he reaches for the smallest of flowers, clinging to 'Eternity' while his comrads die to keep the flag standing. Though Ukitakumuki is well known, I dont think any art lover should go without see'ing this peice or his gallery. Simply awe inspiring.
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Fields of Eternity


Spacemarines and Warhammer 40,000 are (c) Games Workshop!

"Brother Marines, do not allow the flag to fall at the Eternity Field."

:D May be finished more in future.
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© 2005 - 2021 ukitakumuki
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Very nice! more warhammer 40k stuff please!! :)
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interesting piece dude.
oh noes the flowers!!
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Wow, this is so old! Yet no dust had gathered on it, that is proven :D nice work!
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Uniquely emotional emotional for a space marine artwork. I like it!
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thank you :) I personally think I screwed this one up but I'm happy people dig it nontheless! I've been meaning to do something for the 25th anniversary this year!
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amazing work you really managed to capture the feeling of it and no need to detail it its amazing as it is

SpaceMarines rule
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The Emperor Protects!!!
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Dude, this has only made you cooler in my book. I gotta get your IM address. I haven't met anyone in a while who i can talk mechwarrior with and who likes warhammer 40k.
if you detailed this my eyes would orgasm
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very rare to find a w40k image that has flowers in it.
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Love the motion in this picture. Great peice.
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well done... very good job...
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Rise our banner high brothers and show these degenerates who come to claim their lives today.
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I love this, check kunkka's gallery for similar works.
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