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2 hr 45 min PS6.0 ... inspired by ~karichristensen and the way he uses colours and values, i decided to try an richen my work, by pushing the palatte extremes.. light and dark...

also, like my previous piece in the series, im trying to get looser and pick out key points to focus on, to bring the 'most' out of 'nothing'.. Ignore

hope u like this one, im quite pleased with this...! :D (Big Grin)

fire fight, as promised ^^ u ppl think i should continue the series? or do something else? i feel like continuing.. just to play with colour :) (Smile)
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Or maybe a future battle of Verdun or BATTLEFIELD 1. Great work.

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is this jin roh or helghast we're seeing here?
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I really like the lights!
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they look like the nazi's from suckerpunch no
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This is probably from something else, but it reminds me of Jin Ro and the Wolf Brigade.
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when I see this I think of Helghan soldiers
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Jin roh, helgast, iron sky, nazi's- what cool category does this not go under?
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yea playing the colour !
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Kenchin or something right... I cant remember. People always say the Helgast copied their look, I beg to differ. Nice piece sorry If Im faving alot of your work its awesome
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Jin Roh :) Interestingly enough(or unfortunately, however you choose to see it) Guerilla games has openly admitted to Jin Roh being a huge influence. IIRC They even said they wanted to hire the original artist to help with preproduction design for KZ.
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I've heard about the helghast design being based upon the Jin Roh enforcers but I did not hear of Guerilla games openingly admitting it. Even though the Helghast are great characters, the fact that they are based off even greater anime characters seems to be a disappointment. I'm also sorry for the mispornounciation of Jin Roh. Lol Kinchin what the heck am I thinking of. Ah, yes Aromikinchin. Anyway thanx.
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The topic is kinda controversial, especially with the success the series enjoyed (enjoys..).

TBH I think everything was cool for me until I saw their KZ1 marketing posters and recalled the Chapter Spreads in the Jin Roh manga.. the idea was a bit too close for comfort. Maybe I was feeling defensive on the manga's part because it felt like the developers didn't know the reach or impact JinRoh had, and decided to pull a quick one by copying the iconic imagery found in the manga: [link] and [link] [link] [link]

I agree with the developers that gasmasks and WW1 influence is public domain; but I felt some of the visuals tend to remind me of Jin Roh. I don't know any famous WW1/WW2 image that has faceless soldiers defiantly looking up at the camera. The whole existentialist thing that speaks more to Jin Roh's theme as opposed to the mindless killing in Killzone. Too close for comfort, there!

Other than that controversial bit-- I must say KZ2 has to be the most beautiful game I've seen and played on the PS3.
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That is very true. I am a little bit of a gasmask conaseur myself (check out my logo.) I love gasmasks, not like some of those freaks out there though. I am attemtping to make an Assassin's Creed character named Nicholae Sicarius (Russian Assassin.) He has a white gas mask with the red assassin 'A' painted on it. He is a sniper weilding the WA2000 with a built in silencer. If I ever get the money I will attempt to actually make this character a costume. But that is way off topic. Jin Roh is a very well written and visually stunning anime and manga. It does have alot of emotion as well as cold hard despertion, and of course sacrifice.
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reminds me of the uniform design i had done not long ago.

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they sorta like the soldiers from Jinroh. they look like flamethrowers :x
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Nice... they look alot like the Helghast from Killzone
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Now this just screams 'Brotherhood of Nod' from Command & Conquer! Again, thanks for the interpretively awesome art. ;)
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Outstanding result ! Very captivating..
very cool pic looks like the guys from killzone :)
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Oh, f##k tahat is my idea... did you go to my brain :)
Great image! The madnes of war!
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My favorite part is the flash coming out of the barrel, and I'm obsessed over the way they look like they're coming straight out of the fog.
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