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Eternal Crusade Concept Art: Massive Battle


Concept art I did last December for Eternal Crusade, the Warhammer 40k action MMOTPSRPG I've dreamed of since I played Planetside over a decade ago! I can not stress how incredible it feels to be a part of something like this. Two of my favourite things in a perfect union.


Illustration © Games Workshop / BHVR
Special thanks to Creative Director David Ghosland, Art Director Ghislain Barbe and Producer Mathieu Fectau for the awesome opportunity!

Since my Warp Spider fantasy is currently unavailable...
I will aspire as a Night Lords assaulter (*o*)/ AVE DOMINUS NOX!!!
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© 2014 - 2021 ukitakumuki
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I DO really hope that another, better made/followed by the devs, game like this one will be made.

Because EC had the potential to be another (if not the best) hit in the 40k videogaming.
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I don't have any models but like fluff.
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I have to say I never played Warhammer 40K, but this is amazing!
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Dem spikeh boyz gotz no chance tat iz.
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This is just intense! Amazing style =)
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Oh, you do the setting such justice...I love it. 
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Epic battle dude, congratulations!.
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i can just sit here and stare at all these details. how.. amazing!
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Orks Vs Chaos... ah, let 'em duke it out.  :devilish:
Can't remember if I've commented on this already, so, I'll do it now.  :shrug:
My fav elements are the Raptor assault squad moving in at the rear, and the ork buggy coming apart in a fiery explosion.  :dummy:
Also the bloody carnage that is taking place just out of frame at the bottom.  ;p
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Well, he's dead!

i am Arman Kashani a Film Director form Berlin/Germany im searching for an concept artist for my first Feature Film. 

It will be a Steampunk-Western Dancefilm (Urban-Dance, Breakdance, Hiphop)


I need 4 of our shots that we will take in Future to be drawn.
It will be 4 pretty wide shots of the Locations more or Less.

I produce the film on my own trying to get enough money with a crowdfunding campaign. Because it is my first Film i dont get money easily. But hope we can make a good deal.

The cast of our film are some of the most famous dancers in the world. We have a fanbase of 800.000 fans all together.
For Example: 

So i think it could be a good promo for yourself. 

And im pretty sure we could work again with more budget for my movies after this one. Than i could pay you much better.

I can offer you only 800€ for these 4 pics i need now.
We need the drawings pretty soon. Latest would be  10/04/15

Pls answer ASAP >>>

Greetz Arman
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Well this time for WAAAAAAAAAAGH!
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From an artist to another, how long do you spend on these more rendered pieces? I know it's one of those annoying questions, but have crammed soooo many Easter eggs in this! Cheers! Great work man!
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Yeah...that Chaos Sorcerer is fu-WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! 
That is freakin' awesome!
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chaotic evil vs chaotic stupid/neutral
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maybe my all time favorite 40k artwork. very impressive
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Go Sons of Lorgar!
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