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From 08. A Droideka providing fire support for its platoon cowering behind its shield.

Done for Sony Online Entertainment's Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game.

Work is copyright to Lucasarts Entertainment (explains why you don't see signatures anywhere on the work as well...). You can find the higher res wallpaper versions here: [link]
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I love the picture, although if a the empire had gotten their hands on a droideka, it would have been fitting for them to repaint it in a more Imperial theme. Just a suggestion!
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weren't droidekas in the Clone Wars?
Thats The Galactic Civil war!
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many were still used after the clone wars by many factions

some tactical droids with their armies even refused the shutdown code.
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oh didnt know that!
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the crew of Star Wars Rebels meets a few.
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ya i saw that episode
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it go like this:

pewpew pewpew pewpew and so on

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da driodckas wil defeat dem
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The Devil of Star Wars Battlefront!
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 It would be even more fitting if the Rebels had managed to get their mitts on a Droideka, and were slaying a platoon of those Space Nazis.
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I'm a little late to this post but thought I'd share the story I've always kinda liked.  It goes along with the Star Wars Battlefront II campaign where the 501st goes to Mustafar to destroy the reactivated droid factory and kill the Geonosian.  The Seperatists occupied countless systems so their droids were of course spread all over the galaxy.  So when the Clone Wars ended these droids were deactivated and probably some were left to rot.  Some might have also been tinkered with and reactivated such as this droideka until opposition arrived i.e. the stormtroopers who have a striking resemblance to their clone predecessors.
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thanks for sharing!!
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Don't understand why the Imperials decided to reuse Battle Droids and such. I would have started out fresh. Remodel all the vehicles.
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Makes sense to me:

Why make new ones (paying engineers, technicians, new factories, new production models) and going through the entire hassle of making them fazultproof (malfunctions, spare parts, wiring, ...)
When you can just recover old facilities that had proven to be hilariously effective at combatting clonetroopers?

The answer is: logistics, time and money. 

Would you bother buying a new brand car when you have an old one that's perfectly fine, only in need of a tiny bit of maintanence?
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I do understand your logic, and I don't doubt why they did it. But the only reason I say this is that it appears the Battle Droids signify the Clone Wars still aren't over.
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That's totally true though :)
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I had the same thought, but maybe this squad was pinned down in an abandoned droid factory and had no choice but to reactivate them to get out alive and finish the mission, that'd make a great story with this picture as the cover =)
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Unfortunately I have little to zero knowledge in that regard :p So no comment from me!
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He says Cowering, but the Droideka has no dear or reccolection of any emotion except hate.
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