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Black Library: Soul Drinkers Omnibus #3

Breaking the radio silence! Finally got approval to release some screen friendlier versions of the Soul Drinker's covers I did for Black Library back in December; also a big shout out to Darius Hinks at Black Library/GW for being a great producer/art director on this!

"Semi glossy Purple in battle" was quite the challenge to work with for me, and I hope I did the Soul Drinkers justice to all you SD fans out there!

The general brief for the 3 covers was to have a tactical space marine, a captain, and lastly a dreadnought (being awoken). I thought it would be a neat idea to compose all the covers from a similar worms eye angle, not just for theatrics but rather to literally show the life cycle of a Space Marine as he fights and rises through the ranks, leading his brethren and eventually being entombed within a dreadnought to continue his tireless fight. I was told not to reference any notable characters of the SD lore and come up with my own designs. As such, a mini easter egg I had going just for shits and giggles was instead of the main character on each cover becoming the character in the subsequent cover, it was the background marine that made the evolution, implying that maybe the 'cover' characters never survived the cut. Whatevs. :| I hope you enjoy them regardless!

More official info here: [link]
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Cool image., well done.
BigManD88's avatar
I like this one. There's a kind of tension this creates.
mg1342mg's avatar
Very atmospheric. The lighting is superb.
rawwad's avatar
Awesome! Love it. The atmosphere the light, so movie like.  If they`ll do the W40k movie one day I hope it will look like this.  You will be in a team for sure ;) Well done
dankmemes's avatar
you did the cover?
MeAndMyLonsome's avatar
your drawlings make me want to buy them and read the books.
xxVectorZeroxx's avatar
sweet jebus dreadnaughts.
maniacmullins's avatar
btw this is freaking awesome!
maniacmullins's avatar
wait, theres another soul drinkers book coming out!? or is this an old post? i bought the soul drinkers omnibus. :sorry
Pavel-Sokov's avatar
Awesome perspective!
DEVMALYA's avatar
loving the angle and cinematic poses. very awesome
BrianJMurphy's avatar
Woah. Incredible. The mood and lighting is what I like most here :)
Evohunter7's avatar
Ouch! You are actually hurting me with your awesome.
Red-Saturnine's avatar
They all have crozius' :p
GeorgesConcepts's avatar
Brilliant work. I'm looking forward to seeing it!
UkiCookie's avatar
lighting is more then awesome. much love.
Daverex's avatar
Oh boy, I almost confused them for Chaos Marines for a second. Epic work here, sir.
memoryus's avatar
dread!!! awesome work!
Pete-Mitchell's avatar
The Soul Drinker's books managed to pull me back into Games Workshop and this is just a beautiful rendition, haunting but beautiful at the same time.
DasDreadNought's avatar
Which Chapter is it? I can't make out which one it is....
Also: Beauty that creates jealousy, keep up the good work!!
Arrogance127's avatar
It is the Soul Drinkers, he said so in the description,plus the heraldry crest of the Grail, skull and blood on the dreadnaught gives it away.
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