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Black Library: Plagues of Orath


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Illustration © Games Workshop
Art director/producer: Karen Miksza

Hope everyone's been keeping well!

What can I say- this piece ate my weekends! The single greatest challenge behind this image were the requirements: The lead character (Centurion), Stormtalon and Hunter tank were to eventually be made separate as standalone subjects for their respective covers but still work cohesively when they come together as a single image. This meant balancing lighting and position for narrative as well as overall visual impact, and evaluating the compositing alone made me sweat buckets. Suffice to say it was an exciting piece to work on given the lack of artwork available (for reference) of the aforementioned characters/units. Risks had to be taken and subjects not often tackled all kind of came together (as they normally do in the masochistic world of 40k) to screw me over but I gained more from the process than I gave and put into practice principles I've not had the opportunity nor discipline to try before.

In that sense, I'm proud to be one of the first few artists to portray them in action and paint them
in... ah...the best possible light? ( •_•)>⌐■-■ 

Oh and Shaddy Safadi's dirt brush... :'D with some tweaks I think ive found a new favourite! Thanks for sharing!!
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