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Black Library: Plagues of Orath

Check out the trilogy of e/books by Cavan Scott/Steve Lyons here! :…
Illustration © Games Workshop
Art director/producer: Karen Miksza

Hope everyone's been keeping well!

What can I say- this piece ate my weekends! The single greatest challenge behind this image were the requirements: The lead character (Centurion), Stormtalon and Hunter tank were to eventually be made separate as standalone subjects for their respective covers but still work cohesively when they come together as a single image. This meant balancing lighting and position for narrative as well as overall visual impact, and evaluating the compositing alone made me sweat buckets. Suffice to say it was an exciting piece to work on given the lack of artwork available (for reference) of the aforementioned characters/units. Risks had to be taken and subjects not often tackled all kind of came together (as they normally do in the masochistic world of 40k) to screw me over but I gained more from the process than I gave and put into practice principles I've not had the opportunity nor discipline to try before.

In that sense, I'm proud to be one of the first few artists to portray them in action and paint them
in... ah...the best possible light? ( •_•)>⌐■-■ 

Oh and Shaddy Safadi's dirt brush... :'D with some tweaks I think ive found a new favourite! Thanks for sharing!!
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We march for Mcragge... and we shall know no fear!
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Omg, that red helmet. 
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that the Ultramarine chapter by chance?
Now this is what I call ART!! This is awesome stuff! I'd do almost anything if I could draw like this. I'd never stop if I could do this
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I wish one day I'll draw like you.. or maybe never Waaaah! 
You did a really good job, epic! :heart:~~
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This had the potential to be such a masterpiece of the Warhammer setting, but there is such a glaring flaw, which goes against pretty much all the lore regarding space marines.

That one guy is reloading, that must be heresy, it demands too much common sense of us. Next thing you know, they are going to use cover, and from that it's one step to demand less invasive corrective brain conditioning, or battlefield anesthesia.

Madness, I tell you. ;)
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I don't really know much about Warhammer, but I was always a bit interested in it. Why don't they reload when they run out of ammo?
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Oh, I was joking. Sometimes they do, but they have hollywood ammo most of the time. I was just poking at the lack of common sense, perhaps any sense, in this GLORIOUS and CRAZY setting.

The gun he's reloading? That's a bolter, they fire GRENADES, the barrel actually has to be that big. And the magazine couldn't hold many of those, but usually they spray a lot of those all over the place before reloading, if the author bothers.

And oficially, a bolter holds at least 20 "bolts"(rounds) in the magazine:…
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Bolter got a magazine of 24 ammo, which are bolts, bolts does explode at contact with the target.
maaan, I got more problems with those new stupid pseudo-terminatro armors and those fucking thunderhawk-like midget spaceships, Games Workshop really fucked up Warhammer 40 000...
long live Warhammer 40,000 V2 and V3.
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My problem is that LordLucan hasn't posted a new chapter yet.

Long live the Age of Dusk!
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LordLucan? Age of dusk what are these?
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LordLucan is writing a 60k fanfic called "Age of Dusk":……

Which follows his 50k fic:…
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Oh, haha thanks for clarifying. I thought it was some kind of Code for the Space Marine to go on without ammo, and charge in to kill as many of the enemies as they can.
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Believe me when I say they don't need a code for "charge", they do it anyways, even when it's quite troublesome to do so. Last stands, charges, if it is suicidal, they'll do it.

(Mind you, they are indoctrinated and brainwashed to be like that)
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I'm noticing a real lack of either of my favourite armies in your epic paintings... That's what I get for being a fan of the obscure, I suppose ;)
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Pray tell, Ivan..? ;)
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Ah, well for Marines I'm a White Scar fan (with Grey Knight allies!), but my heart belongs to the Eldar - Craftworld Mymeara & Harlequins ;)
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Cool!! I've done some striking scorpions in the past but never any Harleys i'm afraid ;p Warp spiders alone.. will make me jump(no weaksauce pun intended) to Eldar in a a heartbeat. You could say they were my first love!

In my first call with the EC team i recall sharing the idea of studying how Natural Selection pulled off the FPS blink/teleport function in their game to great effect... And i really look forward to seeing the warp function integrated into EC at some point :)
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What I want to know is where are all the tit missile jokes about centurion armor?  
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( the best possible way)
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