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Black Library: Blood in the Machine

++Today, I will teach your kind the meaning of wrath. I will kill

a thousand of your filth-breed before your blood

dries on my gauntlets.++

++Gabriel Seth, Chapter Master of The Flesh Tearers++

Other bucketlist items I had to do for my inner 40K fan, hope im not pissing any hardcore fans off:
-"Oh my god... its full of stars... *kssshh* ...nope they're just tracers-"
-"This is Rhino 2-9 to Titan! Please advise on subsequent plasma trajectory...previous strike danger close-"
-Trying to stay faithful to the concept of Bolter rounds on impact.
-A friend kept saying how much he loved 'Beakie' helms.
-Re-purposed harness for Assault marine into webbing for extra ammunition/gear carrying capacity
-I loved gargants, and so I had to throw one in as tribute to how Epic 40k captured my imagination as a window-gazing kid.
-Crowd surfing marines, because when you're armoured like a tank, fighting eye to eye is so last millenium...

Big shout out to Karen Miksza at Black Library for being my producer/art director on this!
Check out the project here! : [link]
Illustration © Games Workshop / Black Library
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" I AM WROTH!!!" Gabrial Seth

Love it

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And you have been ordered to fix bayonet 
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Wow i'm speechless, i wish we could see this image in a WH40k movie, the camera panning from left to right slowly, while the fight goes on, the titan walking slowly in the distance. 
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-"This is Rhino 2-9 to Titan! Please advise on subsequent plasma trajectory...previous strike danger close-"

^^^ This, this is the best line in the whole thing.
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Holy crap this is intense!

Very good work!:D
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As you may or may not know I am building an Emperor Titan. I have what I thought was a wonderful 3D model to work from but it pains me to say your's has it beat. I shall be using your rendering for a good portion of my work as well and your incredibly realistic design has caused me to scrap quite a bit of my completed work.



Consider me a watcher from now on.
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Very impressive!
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wow, this work just makes warhammer more awesome :D
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Ah, the forceful removal of the chest cavity and spine by a bolt round!

On another note, I do love the sheer size of the God-Machine in the background.  There's nothing that says your boned than facing down the business end of an Emperor Titan.
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Pretty epic dude!
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Wahoo masterpiece right here!
i freaking love it !
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nice work, I love the colors and the mood is great, really nice.
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Good God Emperor, I can't get enough of your artworks. Everything you do is truly amazing and detailed...amazingly detailed! :)
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As soon as I saw the chain sword, I knew of only one who would wield such a giant - Gabriel Seth.
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May the Emperor light your path always!
This is one epic piece!
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There's simply so much going on in this picture in so much detail that it makes it hard to really say it's anything less than a masterpiece.
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This is absolutely epic. I've never gotten round to actually playing Epic 40k but the sheer magnitude of the game always drew my attention. You have rekindled that spark. Thanks, this is amazing! Watched, favoured, blown away.
Epicness !!! O_O
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brilliant work absolutely inspiring
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