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Black Century

By ukitakumuki
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a quick relaxation piece after a hectic span of workin months at IFS and its been about a month plus since my release from national mandatory military service... sweet.

some old stuff comped in cause im lazy :D Was fun relooking them after such a long hiatus.

something along the lines of the seven year war project, perhaps.

Been in a predator vibe lately..heheh
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bluewpcHobbyist Writer
Been a fan of this pic for years. Thanks for introducing me to Olmedo :)
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This has been (and remains) one of my all-time favorite pieces on Deviantart.  It has stuck with me since the first time I saw it, and I figure there must be something perfect in it - because every time I have looked on it I have felt a change of atmosphere.  Is there any way I could purchase a print?
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Deezer509Hobbyist Digital Artist
Reminds me of Oblivion.
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Looks awesome
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is that a 50 cal? or maybe some kinda ant tank a 20mm or 30mm, i like how its a combo of futuristic gear and modern weapons, also i love how you add tribal type decorations to otherwise sleek and future equipment, also the feathers on the top is badass.....this is probably my favorite piece you've done, thanks for sharing your amazing work, i love sci military stuff and this is like all my dreams come true....
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JozuraHobbyist Writer
reminds me a little of Oblivion the movie
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Love this. 
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HeavyBennyProfessional Interface Designer
I was watching Oblivion and when Morgan Freeman revealed his equipment I was awestruck! "That's Ukita's work!" Congrats man!
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Did u design this scavengers for the movie Oblivion?
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I can't help but wonder whether the creators of the Oblivion movie saw this picture, because if they didn't the coincidence would be breathtaking.
I mean it's not even similar, it's literally identical. And I mean everything, the helmet, the eyes, the feathers. The rifle on the right shares the same exact typical characteristics as the ones in the movie. They used that optics of the guy on the left too. You have a quote on the armor plate, the movie literally revolves around a quote as well.

I'm almost thinking I'm embarrasing myself by typing this kind of comment to the actual concept artist of the said movie, because they do look exactly like "scavs". I wonder whether they actually ripped you off.

Or are you a time traveller who's taking a piss?
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Tatong Traditional Artist
this is one of my favorite works from you. I just have to say this but I screamed your name in the theatre while watching Oblivion, specially that gun on the right! I hope you'll get the credit you deserve, sir. :)
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BlindedwithRageStudent Traditional Artist
Don't know if it's been said yet but, OBLIVIOOOOON!!!!! 
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OMG~!!!...i was watching Oblivion yesterday..when i saw the "scavs" in one of the scenes in the seem so i search my favorite picture....and BAM!this one!....
Are you one of the character designer for the movie?
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Body armour looks like in  the movie "Oblivion" with Tom Cruze - they used your ideas?
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SamSakuraiHobbyist Traditional Artist
This has got to be one of my favorite pictures, ever. The figures, dark against the sky...the sky itself, a wonderfully morose and dreary gray...And the petals have got to be the part that makes it, very solemn. I also find the fact that the primary figure is holding human weaponry to be very foreboding, and tell a lot of story. Stellar work, overall.
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Let's hope you get a credit for your design influence on OBLIVION. I'm sure Joe would want that if he knew this was your copyrighted artwork.
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ukitakumukiProfessional Digital Artist
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OtakuDStudent Digital Artist
It's this picture used like concept art in the film Oblivion (2013)?
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ukitakumukiProfessional Digital Artist
it appears so. :)
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just to know,but is this artwork a concept art for the movie "OBLIVION" ? because in that movie there are the same character!
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ukitakumukiProfessional Digital Artist
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ReinexHobbyist Digital Artist
I just saw Oblivion at cinema and when i saw some characters present in the movie i thinked about your artwork.. are identical! °-° But yours are the original ones!
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ukitakumukiProfessional Digital Artist
:) glad you enjoyed them in the flesh
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MikeL16Hobbyist Digital Artist
I enjoyed the movie very much. As soon as I saw the characters I knew right away they were yours, as this is my favorite illustration from you. I was however disappointed to learn you didn't have anything to do with implementing them into the film. Keep us updated if you get royalties!
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