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PSCS2, airbrush tool

Once every martian lunar year, the Invader Nations set out on a galaxy wide bughunt! The spoils of this massive campaign are highly sought after, especially in the bioscience industries and the military, for their bio-warfare research.

These 'United Invaders' pictured here are from a bio-weapons division. They don containment/G-suits equipped with B(io)C(hemical) warfare capability.

An army of two meets a mother of one... ahah nvm :slow:
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oh my magnifico stuff

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th'ar go'na ned mor dakka
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It's always giant spiders. Why?
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Cause they're just badass :p
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its dead... Great work!
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I'd definitely hate to be in their predicament right out for the wrath of a mama spider...
0r4nJuice's avatar
awesome work, man!
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I'm currently developing a game, and I'm looking for artists like you and their extraordinary drawing skills. Are you available to create pics like that for the game?
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There's definetly a feel of the old paperbaack sci-fi covers I find in the library. I really like that, miss those old covers.
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Thank you! I'm a big fan of that 'look' as well.
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Heh, that "look" has caused me to read my fair share of crappy novels to my misfortune. Still memorable.
ukitakumuki's avatar
HAha! For me it was comics- Don't you love it when you are sold on a cover (not the synopsis), and all the way to the counter you are going, "this is such a bad fucking idea" in your head over and over. And then you're still saying it as you finish the last page. But then you look at the cover and you go, "it was worth it".

Very memorable :)
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HAHA! That happens to me a lot with comics as well. Oh man I know what you mean, you pace the aisles back and forth searching for something, anything else because you know what you hold in your hands is pure and utter crap. All the while muttering, "but this cover is so damn cool!" Very rarely though, the cover is spot on. A good example of that is "The Dragon and The George," one of the best fantasy books I've read.
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love your painting style :)
tryin so hard to get it...
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Frodo & Sam in future....
thepinkechidna's avatar
Not the way I'd want to go...

Nice work!
Love it. I like the mix of future tech and recognisable tech (like the M16/M4 rifle), the mix of technology and biology, the mix of old ruins and new tech. Plus, when you get down to it, what could be better than sci-fi soldiers versus giant frickin' spiders?!

Love the title of the piece too.
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Thanks. This piece is a love-hate one sadly. So many things wrong with it it almost deserves a redo, but at the same time I feel quite happy with how the themes (as you mentioned), colours and tones turned out.
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Not going to end well...
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I would crap allover myself if I saw a spider that freaking big! Fantastic job:D
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good ol' shelob.

Great work!
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