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Battle Plan

Used a number of photos as a base for this one, namely random models of AT-AT/STs from hobbyist/stock sites. They are all heavily modified of course. I've also added some details that I often add to AT-ST's that I paint- commander's cupola with blaster mount, searchlights, shielded weapons, bolt-on skirting to protect the batteries at the rear.

For the art direction in this image, I was really inspired by the cinematography at the end of "The Mist". It feels somewhat majestic and dreamy, but also coupled with tension, knowing that horror and chaos is not far away.

Done for Sony Online Entertainment's Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game.

Work is copyright to Lucasarts Entertainment (explains why you don't see signatures anywhere on the work as well...). You can find the higher res wallpaper versions here: [link]
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I liked seeing the OG Empire AT-ST model on the lower left. Very nice work diversifying designs for each walker.

Excuse me for my question but : Trading cards ??
I have in old boxes a old trading cards of Star Wars, 20 years old I think ... a nice game not translate here in France (and nobody has never played with me snif ...)
Oh ! apologize ... it's a online game here ...

Very nice work anyway !!
Love it!
Nice work on the ATATs and the AT-ST Walkers.
This is like frame and hang on the wall stunning.  It would actually fit well with some of my Japanese art. 
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Absolutely stunning! Still my absolute favourite out of all SW art out there.

You wouldn't know who or where to get in touch to buy a high res copy of this? Both me and the wife would very much like to use it as a photo wallpaper in our house. Both of us can't imagine anything better blown up across a wall. Unfortunately requires a bit of resolution to do it justice though.

Love the new 40K work otherwise!
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nice one.  could never get SWG to work on my pinnacle pc.   oh well.
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I  don't remember the last time I favorited something SW related, but I like this piece.  The little tweaks on the chicken walkers are a nice touch, makes them seem more real and worn. 
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Good Contribution thank you very much.
This is absolutely incredible. I'm enamored!
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Nothing more scarier than a group of Imperial walkers! :fear: Especially AT-ATs! :eek:
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The link is dead.
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I am speechless with this - but I will try words.

It feels like they are on the hunt and about to strike, and the mist enhances that - like a raising curtain to the spectacle that is to come.

I can smelll the moring here, the crisp air of new - before they "Unleash hell!"

Exceptional sir - just exceptional!

The mist is a great inspiration - you are a fantastic artist sir - I am in awe of you - I mean that :)
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Awesome dude, awesomeee!
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this is just cool man
your add-ons make a lot of sense, actually make them more realistic. Well done.
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thanks! I tried to make it make it sit with the 80s vibe best i can.
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battle plan: we have giant robots
its flawless
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Wow, beautiful work !!!
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thank you! You have great stuff yourself man :)
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