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reedit: older version Here! [link]

EDIT: 1 more hour PS..

took alot of comments for this.. made the aliens 'wetter', looks better imo, more like gigers slimey feel :)

reverted the secondary focus to the marines.. also added more marines (those 3 in the back with 'lanterns' and structures to help define depth and area.. ) ..also chose red for lanterns cause it looked like roses from distance :) gives a nice feel to a rather drab pic. tha lanterns are actually their glowing visors :nirvana:

hoep u like it better now..!

1-2 hours PS 6.0

A base sketch to help a friend out poecilotheria (he loves Giger's alien) also used as a sketch practice for an upcoming contribution concept art (ill post on DA ^^) that consist of a pack of were-people [a sci-fi clive barker meets mad max type world.. its an MMORPG btw :) ]

also played with more colours to see how 'fun' it could be ;p i had to tone it down in the end, so meh!
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Noes! Kill that alien!