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'Water You Doing, Ry?' by ukissmecrazy 'Water You Doing, Ry?' by ukissmecrazy
Huehuehue my first upload in a while ;^;

Anyway, I don't think I've spoken about this but :iconry-spirit: was one of the very first artists I found on DA. He's a real inspiration to me and I just love his artwork and style (of art LOL). I posted this on his Facebook page and when he commented I ran around my house screaming "Senpai noticed meeeeeee!"[EXO] Baekhyun Emoticon  Yup, I was that excited.

So that was the story about Ry-senpai. I belive I finished this in February this year but wasn't completely satisfied with it so I didn't upload it or anything. Come June, I fixed the contrast and brightness and did a little work on his face and voila~ That stupid glass, though. It made me so frustrated at the time because of all the details on it >___> But yeah, go check out Ry-Spirit because seriously, this guy is amazing.

On a side note, I'M GOING TO SUPERNOVAAAAAA YAY Squee Bounce It's going to be the first ever convention that I attend but sadly, I'm not cosplaying or anything...but that's okay. Save my money for all the merchandise! So yeah, hopefully I take lots of photos of hot cosplayers and share them with you HAHAHA ONLY JOKING. C'mon guys, who do you take me for? Some random stalker Asian chick? :p

Tools used: Adobe Photoshop CS6
                  Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet

Reference picture on Ry-Spirit's DeviantArt page
Ry-Spirit Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
that glass effect tho, its pretty amazing! waitttt you are goin to supanova>? do you mean perth's one? ok i will b there too! i'll giv you a free print ^^ come by the table!
ukissmecrazy Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I just saw this HAHA gomen ^^; sure thing, see you there!
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