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Vista Classic - BETA 2.6

By UkIntel
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*For windows VISTA only*


DWM Enabled Windows Classic Style.

I have created this Theme/visual style for those of you that want the "Classic Look" along with Aero's DWM features
such as Flip3D, Live thumbnails, Colourization & Transperency!.

Ideal for the work place

A basic theme is included, however to take advantage of the DWM Features, your system must be capable of running the Aero based style.

Packed into "easy to use" installers

Requires uxtheme patch
Download Auto-Patcher [link]
Download Manual Patch Files [link]


See the making of this theme here [link]
© 2007 - 2021 UkIntel
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This is very neat. Well done :)
xcause's avatar
ehm windows 7 work =/?
Fischkopf's avatar
this would be great for windows 7.
SoNiC4000's avatar
Port this to windows 7 please! D:
MSWindowsDude's avatar

Here, this looks similar:

Classic AE 2.5.5 Dev
SoNiC4000's avatar
Any chance to port this to Windows7?
MSWindowsDude's avatar

Um... nope, but I found a thing that looks similar to it. Here:

Classic AE 2.5.5 Dev
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Working on it.
MSWindowsDude's avatar

Also your account is fucking deactivated. Sorry for insult, have a good day citizen.

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MSWindowsDude's avatar

Yeah, keep dreaming!

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PS: If you finish and i would miss it please informe me on pm, comment or something ;) Thanks in advance ;)
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A Windows 7 Version would be super awesome!
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hey bro... great work... it's just the thing I've been looking for... but now I'm using Windows 7 and the theme just crashes DWM. Could you make a version for win7? thanks in advanced!
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Does this theme work for Windows 7?
rtrter's avatar
good question...
i love this theme!
without DWM the classic theme is useless.
ThoriumKnight's avatar
LOL! This HAD to be done :XD:
garfield-991's avatar
hell yeah UkIntel you surprised me a second time!
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Thanks for the great theme. Now I can finally use aero features with classic theme.

But there something wrong with the explorer status bar, it isn't always displaying file information. It would be great if you could fix this. [link]
SkywalkerPD's avatar
Is this still being updated! I love this theme!
SpaceManPLUSPLUS's avatar
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Good idea but the color adjustment results are a bit dull. Will you fix it by next release? If so, I'll "watch."
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