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Shallowstar's Death by Uki-U Shallowstar's Death by Uki-U
This is shallowstar from Clans-Into-Darkness  death 


After receiving the location of shallowstar and his loyalists from black raven , those who stood by Howlpelt attacked they caught the band by surprise and was easily able to overpower them due to this   , They knew that the fighting would not end till Shallowstar was brought down, they caught him but he fleed a chase unfolded , knowing he could not out run them easily he turned back and swiped at Howlpelt he lost his footing on the boggy soggy grass  he struggled and was unable to regain hi footing he fell over his own size and tumbled into the gadded rock hidden well by the grass that grew from the dirt above it , a howl came from the once leader of shade clan and he gritted his teeth blood gushed from the open wound above his eye . This did not stop his assault on Howlpelt , this cat would go down fighting , but soon his attack became sloppy and his reaction speed slow , something was up with this once unrivaled fighter , blood tripped from his nose he looked to his paw as blood dripped from his mouth , his body gave up and he colasped to the floor . Howlpelt had not even stuck him hard , he did not know how he had won this fight but he had , his follow either flee'd or surrendered , though who stayed would not be judged for staying with there leader .


  If You wonder how he died , when striking his head on the rock he had cause bleeding in his brain and it only took a while to kill him  

Art and character belong to me 
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March 30, 2017
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