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Izleri Ref Sheet 2015 by Uki-U Izleri Ref Sheet 2015 by Uki-U
a remake of izleri ref sheet by Uki-U there alot of information missing from this sheet but it just wouldn't fit so this may be a long description 

Name: Meri Nerigage

Nickname: Izleri (Always called when one of the cursed kind)

Where Nickname came from: scar in cursed kind language

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight when was alive

Feels attracted to: No one

Status: Single

Age: 14 at death, 25 after death /current age

Dead or Alive: Dead / undead - died from ravage cough (lung infection cause of ice wrath)

Species: Dog / Undead dog

Religion/god: The nightlights before death and the hollow lord after death

Blood Line: 3 ages of servants to Highra house hold now, living in lower town with no work within main house before becoming one of the cured kind

( Family )

Mother / 
Father /

Siblings / (to be added)
Mate / 
Pups :


( Personality 

Brief History 

//More information may be added later 


About design:

    ·         Symmetrical markings

    ·         Had no eyes

    ·         Scares on mouth are on both sides

    ·         Collar is always tight 

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November 20, 2015
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