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He was born to fall - C-ID - Shallowstar by Uki-U He was born to fall - C-ID - Shallowstar by Uki-U
"He was born to fall , as a kit he was troubled and everyone ignored this , he was always doing stuff that others would consider morally wrong , even if for the best of the clan ... he was born ill in the mind and this grew to destruction of Deepclan and his own "  - iveystow 


Name-  Shallowstar
Past / future names -  Stormkit - stormpaw -Stormsfury - Stormstar (changed to shallowstar by himself)
Age - 60 moons on death
- He Was killed after striking his head with a rock during his fight againt the rebelion of shade clan

Clan - shade clan - now is the darkforest 
Rank - 

<Physicals >

Book description - A Large fluffy light grey tom with an emotionless stare , a darker stripe running down his neck , back and tail . His eyes were a white as ice itself 
fur colour - Off white
fur length -  Long
Build-  large - non muscler - 
Eye colour - Icey white 
Scars - cut on his forehead from his killing blow 

<Family and friends >

Father - Mossbranch
Mother- Iveystow
Siblings- Wolfback , elmclaw 
Kin -N/A



Character // thoughts </strike>

He Had no emotion towards no one not even his own family , he did not hate nor love .


Sexuality - Asexual
Mate - N/A
Sexual partners- n/a
Flings - n/a

Turn ons - Pain and suffering

Turn offs -  N/A


- He is mentally ill and does not have the same thinking of right and wrong as others do


<Past life > (You can choose if your cat remembers this )


He grew up as most normal clan cat would have but at a young age he would often hurt others or do things that were rude or unkind , when people brought this up to him he did not see what he was doing wrong and continue to doing it feeling as other did not understand him .


At getting his mentor he trained and did as was told  , often pushing the patience of his mentor frogponce , as during practice he hurt and killed for fun over for food , yet he did not understand while very one was taking it so bad , he thought that it was a reasonable thing to do.

He trained on till 12 moons still being disappointing.


He got his warrior name Stormsfury , even though his mentor did not believe he was ready or the right kind of cat to become a warrior .

This angered Storm as he could not see why his mentor would think this as being a strong and determed cat , he believed that he purely did not like him and wanted to see him fail. 

This would later lead to Storm letting Frogponce be taken by a wolf without doing much to help .

Even with this event no one thought or believed that Stormsfury would ever do this on purpose and allowed him to mentor and later to become deputy under missleStar , this was due to him being a hard working cat and never backing down from helping his clan . 

Misslestar would later loose her last life to a abnormally cold season - allowing for him to take her place as leader.


He was a fair leader during his first years and never treated anyone in his clan badilt this could not be said for outsider and other clans , he showed no compassion to those in need that were not from his clan , he turned down help to many injured outsiders leading to many deaths .

Even many found his coldness odd they did not question as he was a fair leader to them.

The clans thought on him would change after the event of Rock path (read 

Mature Content

The Fall of deep clan (Short story) by Uki-U
 to find out about this )

This would lead to a rebellion being held against him and his devote follows to take him from power as many found him unfit to lead and a cold and evil cat - he did not fully understand why his clan could so easterly turn against him , he believed them to be posioned by the words of other clans and claimed them all terrators 

The Rebellion would last half a year causing the clan to split into two fractions , having two camps within it .

after many fights the final fight would come - During one of the assaults on Stormstar now Shallowstar  - lead by the leader of the "rebels " Howlpelt his once loyal deputy , A rock was pushed by the rebels landing on the leader causing him to fall and loose his final life . 

The rebellion was finally over even though his loyal thought for a moon longer then would soon become out numbers and die or give in and rejoin the clan.

<Dark forest>

Now in the dark forest he does not mess with the acts of mortals and sticks to himself - He does not understand why he was sent to the dark forest in his death and feels betrayed by star-clan


Credits -

Art Uki-U 
Lineart Uki-U

Desgin Uki-U 
wqlf Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
aw so cute and flufy..
Uki-U Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He is but evilllll (kinda) muahaha
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