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CI-D - 4 muskteers by Uki-U CI-D - 4 muskteers by Uki-U
This is a mass ref for some character within shadeclan during the fall of deepclan erea

1 -Fadingflame 


Name-  Fadingflame
Past / future names -  Fadekit - fadepaw - fadingflame
Age - 28 moons on death - 
- she Was killed by a Shallowstar supporter a few years after his death 

Clan - shade clan - now is the Starclan
Rank - warrior
<Physicals >
Book description - A Large fluffy Ginger she-cat with bright sky blue eyes 
<Family and friends >
Father - Howlpelt (star)
Siblings-  shellstep 
Kin -N/A


-She was born smaller than normal kits and was very ill for alot of her young life - hence why she was named Fadekit (Fadingkit)
-After overcoming her illness she grew large than most other cats and abnormally for a she cat.
-She was killed 2 years after the fall of shallowstar by one of the cats that supporter him and felt those who stood again him and lead to his death should be punished - the name of this cat was never told

2 -Willowroot

Name-  Willowroot
Past / future names -  willowkit  - willowpaw - willowroot
Age - 110 moons 
Gender - female 
Clan - shade clan -
Rank - Warrior (was a apprentice at the time of the rebellion )
<Physicals >
Book description - A Small slender brown tabby with a missing and healed over eye on the left hand side of her face 
<Family and friends >
Father - rowanshock
Mother- Kelpsoul
Siblings-  howlstar (older )
Kin -N/A


-She share the same parents as Howlstar but is from a later litter
- She lost her eye after walking into a branch as a young kit 
- She had low self-esteem 

 3 - Blackraven
Name-  Blackraven
Past / future names - Blackkit - Blackpaw - BlackStar 
Age - 60 moons on death - Was killed by howlstar 
Gender - male
Clan - shade clan - Dark forest 
Rank - Warrior 
<Physicals >
Book description - A Small slender black and white tom with glowing yellow eyes 
<Family and friends >
Father - Unknown
Mother- shiver
Kin - blake - brace - tarren 


- He was a follower of Shallowstar but turned on him and told the rebellion of where he would be so he could be abused 
-He did not care for Shadeclan and was power hungry  
- He used the death of Shallowstar to grow people to his side against shade clan again 5 years later 
- He is thought to be the one who killed Fadingflame but there is no prof 
-He was never given 9 lifes or his leader name he just self prooclamed himself leader 

 4 - whitestorm

Name- Whitestorm
Past / future names - Whitekit - whitepaw - 
Age - 40 moons - killed by Blackstar
Gender - female
Clan - shade clan - Starclan
Rank - Warrior 
<Physicals >
Book description - A Small Fluffy white tabby she-cat with gold eyes 
<Family and friends >
Father - Elmclaw 
Mother-  leapsnow
Siblings-  pepkit 
Kin - Fladingflame - waterheart


- She is Shallowstars cousin
- She was smaller than most cats
-she was brave despite her small size  
- She was drowned by darkstar after tricking her out of camp - her body was never found and it only came out that Blackstar had killed her on his death bed where howlstar massacred his body in sadden rage .

Art does not belong to me - base -  Cat Lineart [FREE 4 USE] by Sinful-Souls as so belong to Sinful-Souls
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