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Birth of monster p1 by Uki-U Birth of monster p1 by Uki-U
This is the first page of a small comic i am doing called the birth of Monsters  this is back story of Lionpride (dread heart ) and her family 

All the character are base for the rp group The-Brightest-Path

The top panel = The red Tom is RedPelt 
Second panel = Sorrowsong
Final panel = sorrowsong and 3 new born kits starting on left Briarkit small white and ginger tom, Ginger She-Cat Lionkit and Rockkit (Rotpelt) the brown tom 

Redpelt and Sorrowsong Bio 

Redpelt//Male // Starclan

Cause of death : Killed by Rotpelt

Personality : Submissive , kind , quiet 

-He was once a cat of Meadowclan gone rogue to be with Sorrowsong , of which later he regretted when he saw her true colours 

Sorrowsong //Female // Dead 

Cause of death : ??? uknown

Personality : Passive aggressive , controlling , stuck up  


-She Was once a clan cat of Hiddenclan but was exiled for disobeying regularly causing another warriors death 


It Was a warm morning in the middle of summer a warm steady breeze rush though the tree and the only sound that could be here was the moving of trees and bushes until a Large ginger tom with tiger like stripes rushed though the under growth with mouse in mouth he made easy quick leaps over anything that stood in his way , he breath heavy he panted as he came to a grinding halt at the foot of a large rock almost 4 times his size . He pulled apart small bushes with his paw revealing a small hole in the rock he pushed his large body though into the clearing within .

Within this clearing with a Rock coloured Queen , her pelt adorned with spots much like a cheetah but  with larger spots . he creaped himself closer lying down just behind her and dropping the mouse to her he sated there silently for her to talk first , but she was fast alseep his eyes widen fearing the worse for his mate his places his large paw on her feeling her steady but labored breathing , she was exhausted  . The tom let out a sigh of relief before his ears perked to the sound of soft meowing below he looked down , within his mate were free small balls of fur a smile light across his face , he checked them they all seemed health . he rested his head on the hard ground and diffrent to sleep himself wrapping his tail around his mate and there kits protectively


Bad English is bad cuz Dyslexic
Art and designs belong to me


Brairkit belong to Iceyangel109 
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