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snowmen needle felted christmas ornaments
Viking Age FeldR Cloak
Viking woman
Doctor Who - All the Retro Poster for Season 8
5 Canvas Textured Photoshop Brushes
Artists to buy gifts from
As a sidenote, the word "gift" still strikes me as a native german-speaker strange, since it means poison/venom in German. So let's venture into artists with whose work you can poison your loved-ones with this year! :) Please note that I of course selected them very subjectivly and there are possibly hundreds and thousands of other artists to buy from out there. Jewelery: *ukapala ( It's no secret I love wire-wrapping. Ula Kapala makes very affordable, playful pieces which range from steampunk to gothic to somewhere in between. Some examples of her work: She does comissions, but remember that those take time, so it might take longer un
Turbo Kid Skeletron Cosplay - SKS Props
Ten Collage Review #16
      When I Think About You                Stop Me If You Think You've . . . by Graemejukes                            by derekdavalos          Secret Of Kells Art Background 44          by George-WillisIII    5                                                 Among The Clover    by Penquisitive                             by LizCohn                        Striped by hogret Tethered                                              Untitled by sugarbushfarm219                           by sssdoljanin     And what next?/ Ico dalej?                Planned Obsolescence     by ukapala                                       by yagey
It's been a while... I am more or less keeping up with your art but I feel really behind with mine. I still have the "just moved to a country far far away" card, but I think it is running out hehe :roll: I just did a couple of pictures for my friends, inspired in their ideas, hope to get my own soon! Also, I want to support friends like *cogwurx ( who just opened a t-shirt shop and :iconukapala: who makes this unbelievable steampunk jewelry Available on Etsy.  if you want really cool design products, check them out :w00t: And if you like music, check out the new pirate radio by :icondocsonian: http://docso
Florence WIP : from sketch to watercolor
10 years on dA. My devious birthday.
Dearest devious Deviants, Ten years ago today – 18th April 2004 – I logged in for the first time to deviantART         :w00t:       This in quite unbelievable how quickly this time passed by. So many things had changed and yet some didn’t at the same time. Same with me and my works. Here I would like to tell you a little story of how one website changed my life and I hope dA lasts forever! Well... to be honest it all didn’t really begin in 2004. When I was a little girl and then young woman I had this huge passion for writing: poems, essays, short stories and I even wrote a short book for children about my dog’s
Traditional Discoveries #2
A collection of Traditional Collage Art. Per About.Com, Collage derives its name from the French verb coller, to glue. The work of art is made by gluing things to the surface. Collage became an art form during the Synthetic Cubist period of Picasso and Braque. At first, Pablo Picasso glued oil cloth to his surface of Still Life with Chair Caning in May of 1912. He glued a rope around the edge of the oval canvas. Georges Braque then glued imitation wood-grained wallpaper to his Fruit Dish and Glass (September 1912). Braque's work is called papier collé (glued or pasted paper), a specific type of collage. During the Dada movement, Hanna
Artisan Crafts Feature January
Featuring skilled Artisan Craft artists, who deserve more attention If you want to be featured in my next journal, send me a message. :huggle: :thumb418872212::thumb417541307::thumb425164932::thumb420540804::thumb419157720: :thumb413964816::thumb420087016::thumb419958338::thumb420177660::thumb417716552: :thumb425448578::thumb418517032::thumb419320627::thumb419203449: :thumb418894479::thumb419429802::thumb417472952::thumb418567931: :thumb417461107::thumb419212438::thumb420431335::thumb420340072: :thumb375991193::thumb425092806::thumb420356251::thumb414889179: :thumb425579125::thumb420574942::thumb420846498::thumb418676698: :thumb420463342::th
Collage Challenge: January Through February 2014
The portrait is, as you can see, another unfinished painting, this time by Marie Cassatt. It’s called “The Long Gloves” :thumb422696761: I can’t wait to see what you come up with. You have shown us all extraordinary imagination working with Abbott Handerson Thayer’s unfinished painting. Previously there was also such a variety and such inventive use of William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s painting “Work Interrupted.” and with Gustav Klimt’s unfinished painting. How will you “finish” Cassatt's? What will she be doing? What may she be thinking about? Where will she be? What will you
Don't Get Jittery On Me
I've been embroiled in a massive project--an altered book--for months and months. It didn't start out like that, but it turned into one of those "art heals" things along the way. If you have things to think about, I suggest you try your hand at an altered book. If you've never done one, I've written a bunch of tutorials on how to get started with the prep and the structure on my blog at Okay, it's a little intense over there--I won't dissemble. There are 10 parts to the "Don't Get Jittery On Me" blog series in all and not all are about technique. Some are about that aforementioned "art heals" thing. Yo
December AC Monthly Challenge [+winners]
The Winners of December's challenge are: Teardrops in Snow by Thy-Darkest-Hour and Snow Dragon by CelestialCreatures It's somehow December already. And while I'm freaking out because the year is almost through, it's also exciting because CHRISTMAS. :la: This months theme has a bit of Christmassy vibe to it. Or just a Northern Hemisphere winter vibe to it: Snow. Aka something I wish we had a lot of right now! Here's everything you need to know about the contest: Theme The theme this month is "Snow". You are free to interpret this however you want, we're not exactly strict. Also, a small description of how you interpreted the theme migh
337th feature - Artisan Crafts
Journal CSS by Jamaal10 ( CSS best viewed in Firefox Please visit the list of Maltese Devianst & Clubs Have you ever wondered if any of your pictures have been ripped and utilised on other websites? If yes then you should sign up for TinEye Would you be so kind as to visit srawberry-lilla ( blog? :points: are more then welcome :) On the 2nd October 2009 Sortvind ( posted a news item which I would like to bring to your attention ........ How to make your uploads Stronger ~Maltese-Deviants (  :iconArt-Malta:  :iconMalteseDeviants: :thumb293451654:  :thumb198924162:  :thumb183422844:  :thumb182756649: I have decided to d
100 Themes Art Challenge
100 Themes Art Challenge 1. Laziness 2. Sleep 3. Love 4. Pride 5. Loneliness 6. Tears 7. Flower 8. Rain 9. Smile 10. Blank 11. Darkness 12. Insanity 13. Mother's love 14. Forest 15. Phone Call 16. Writing 17. Memory 18. Rage 19. Sweets 20. Addicted 21. Pillow 22. Butterfly 23. Rainbow 24. Water Nymph 25. Bad Priest 26. Kill 27. Happiness 28. Sister 29. Door 30. Blanket 31. Black Board 32. Long dress 33. Chalk 34. Creamy Wash (It's facial foam that will turn into a creamy thing when used. If you have no facial foam like this in your place/city/country, just change it to regular facial foam.. = =;) 35. Handbag 36. Daydream 37. Crimson 38. Litt
. ~segroeg (
Trick or Treat Contest - WINNERS!!
**SCROLL DOWN TO THE END AND FIND OUT WHO WON!** Halloween is coming up fast and the Artisan Crafts CV team wants to throw a special contest in it's honour. At the same time we want to promote the Artisan Crafts community so all of the entries will have to be categorized as such to be eligible. Dates The contest starts on September 18th and ends on November 1st 2013. Rules If your entry does not follow these rules, it will be automatically disqualified!!! 1 entry per category maximum. Artisan Crafts only!!Entry must be created on or after start dateLink to this contest so that we know you've read and understood the rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Art Theme Contest
Create the perfect wall of art from the best community of artists in the world Find a common theme and select three Prints from the Fine Art section of the Prints Shop that you feel would look great together on a wall. Our judges will then select 5 Finalists to win their selections presented in the NEW Gallery Framed Print style. Artists will be paid their full royalty on the winning prizes. When you win, your walls win, and the Artists win, too! How To Enter Decide on an original and compelling theme. Select 3 Fine Art Prints related to the theme. Provide a quick description of your theme in your submitted comment. Place your selection
Deviant and Art Mentions
Mentions: Connecting People Mentions are a new, highly requested feature that makes engaging friends and artists in conversation more dynamic than ever before. What is a Mention? A Mention is when a deviant’s username, icon, or artwork is included in a comment or Journal. Mentions create links to the deviants or artwork you include, allowing you to highlight artists and engage deviants with ease. Links to pages on deviantART can quickly be distinguished by their bold, dark-blue color, while external links are darker and have an arrow indicating you are leaving deviantART. Deviants you mention are notified in the new Mentions section
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