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There are two types of work you can submit to the upcoming edition of Designn Magazine.
Submit appropriately to each category and make sure you follow all the instructions.


We welcome articles about art, design, creativity, software and tech & tools for artists (interviews are not accepted). Make sure that you follow our article (formatting) guidelines -…

Once your article is ready email it to us at with your name and any links for credits or send it as a note to our group DesignnHQ . If you have any further questions comment here or contact TehAngelsCry  /


Artwork submitted for features on the magazine will be used for anything from the cover art to individual features or article visuals. The artist will be provided with appropriate credits when used. Please also note that not all submission will be featured/used on the magazine. 

Your artwork should be submitted to the galleries on our official DeviantArt group at DesignnHQ 

Deadline: The submission deadline for both categories will be the 10th of April 2015.

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Will the artist be notified if their artwork is used?
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Yes — an article like that would work :)
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than you may use it :)
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We usually only accept original articles for the magazine — but I will try to have it featured :) 
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ok :) thanks (though it is still original by me ;) )
how you submit artworks for the mag?
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You can submit the deviation directly to the group DesignnHQ
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I know you have a lot of interviews, but i wonder, is it okay to make article about deviantArt group? Maybe take interview with Founder or just tell about this group? Ask members and another admins what are they thinking about Group? :eyes: 
Thank you :heart: 
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Hey yes sure - a group feature can be submitted (it won't be considered an interview as long as the focus stays on the group) :) 
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Awesome :heart: I just wanted people to know a bit more about my group :blush: So, if somebody will want to do this, i can help :heart: Is that okay? :eyes: 
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