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Windows Explorer for Windows 8

By uibox
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Windows Explorer for Windows 8
Sneak Peek I
I ♥ metro UI & UX.

More options, more simple.
Minimally minimal.

Post your comment ... please!!!

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I really like it. I agree that simply does not mean primitive, little does not mean incomprehensible. In short, much can be expressed. Free space is not the same as emptiness. Ramotion makes a similar design. It is very in my style.

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excellent design 
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Guys another concept after long time : uibox.deviantart.com/art/FileE…
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I am very glad that someone is really working hard on that and may be it will be available to all or free.
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I have a VLC skin based on the same concepts and it was so awesome.
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I want to get it as soon as it is available, cuz it is so cool and great concept.
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There is a VLC skin based on the same concept. And it is really very awesome and simple.
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I really want to get it when they are done. It is so amazing and brain-dead simple. Awesome design and great concept.
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Its great, more great because there Paramore songs.
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finally. it's amazing theme for my explorer hehe
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nice, unfortunelly just concept
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how can i download it
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this site is fucked up, u cant download nothing ,mcheeew
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Have you looked towards the top right corner? cant say this site sucks, if YOUR eyes suck.
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It's a concept.

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OMG. I only need to get Windows 8 and I can help you recreate this (wink)
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Yup - I've created a Windows Explorer clone before. It should be easy making another metro app. I just need to get Windows 8.1 on my computer. It's just so hard!
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If I do get Windows 8 (Which I have) may I use your design and create an app (in the app store) with this UI?
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